Flutter Vs React Native – Which Is Better For Your Project In 2023?

December 28, 2022
Flutter Vs React Native Which Is Better For Your Project in 2023

For three years in succession, Flutter and React Native have reigned supreme as the two most popular frameworks for cross-platform software development. No other framework comes even close. Though it is chiefly a two-horse race, there is fierce competition at the top.

In the recent past, React Native has been the top choice for cross-platform development, yet its supremacy is uncertain now. Flutter, an up-and-coming contender, is rising in ranks and gaining popularity in the mobile app development world. As per Statista, 2021 was the first year React Native lost its lead. Flutter, with a total of forty-four percent respondent’s share, left behind its rival by a difference of four.

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That said, it is pivotal to know where we stand, which of the two is better, and which is a perfect choice for your projects in 2023. Let’s dive deep into the two frameworks and settle the Flutter VS React Native debate.

React Native – An Introduction

Powered by the most popular programming language, React Native is a highly flexible open-source framework for hybrid app development. Launched by Meta, formerly Facebook, in 2015, it has been a stable and reliable hub for building mobile apps for nearly a decade.

As per GitHub, more than 6 million developers use it worldwide, and the reason lies in its roots. Based on JavaScript, it is super-easy to learn for developers familiar with the language. Some top apps designed on React Native include Instagram, Skype, Facebook, Tesla, Vogue, Uber Eats, Pinterest, and Bloomberg. Thanks to it, hybrid mobile app development is super simple now as it runs on a single codebase, efficient for Android and iOS devices. Running on React.js, it also supports Windows 10 and web apps.

Flutter – An Introduction

Flutter is a relatively new counterpart. It emerged into the scenes in 2017 and has some cool tricks saved up its sleeve. Besides using a single codebase for faster development and added efficiency, it has widgets. Powered by Google, it is a complete Software Development Kit (SDK) with everything you need to build visually-exceptional and natively-compiled mobile, web, or desktop apps.

Top businesses like BMW, Alibaba Group, Google Play, Toyota, Topline, eBay, and Hamilton used Flutter to build and deploy their apps. Widgets and tools make Flutter incredible and give it a clear advantage over the most popular framework in the world. Yet, not everything is perfect for everyone. Unlike React Native, Flutter uses Dart, an object-oriented programming language with incredible potential yet little maturity.

Though it is relatively easy to learn, it still requires learning. It is not like JavaScript, a language memorized by millions worldwide.

Which Offers Better Performance?

The choice of the ideal cross-platform software development framework relies solely upon performance, or does it? Undoubtedly, performance is an essential element, yet there is more to selection than picking the best. Ultimately, the choice narrows down to developers’ ability to get the best from the framework.

Regardless, assessing per performance and performance alone, Flutter gets the nod. It entails no interconnecting bridges like React Native and can develop and run applications much faster. Unlike the older and more mature framework, Flutter has a ticket to interact with the device’s native features whenever it needs.

Which Offers Better Community Support?

React Native is three years older than Flutter and is the top framework on Stack Overflow. More than 310,500 questions exist on their forum, and the app development framework has the power of the masses behind it.

In contrast, Flutter is bold but new. It has the potential yet lacks global exposure. It is still growing in number and amassing people. Truthfully, it won’t be a surprise to see Flutter attract millions soon, yet as of now, React Native gets the nod.

Which Has Better Documentation?

Despite being backed by a world-renowned language, React Native fall short in documentation quality. Given that it is dependent heavily upon external developer kits limits the relevancy of information in general documentation.

In contrast, Flutter is new, composed, and structured better. Their documentation is clear as day and has almost everything you expect in it.

Which Has Better User Interface?

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a user interface for an app development framework. And surprisingly, both Flutter and React Native rock a pretty awesome user interface. The former’s entails interactive widgets as a replacement for native components. They are visually sound, structurally solid, and highly interactive.

In contrast, React Native, as the name suggests, relies heavily upon nativity and entails the core components for both iOS and Android devices. Plus, there are countless external UI kits you can use to create interfaces that make an impact.

So, here, we have to call it a tie as both frameworks entail incredible interfaces with their strengths and weaknesses, yet none so drastic as to give one an edge over the other.

Which Framework is Better for Your Project in 2023?

Undoubtedly, both Flutter and React Native has curtailed time-to-market for mobile and web apps. They have their distinct pros and cons. The key is to know whose strengths lie in parallel with your priorities. In addition, you also need to know which framework your developers think is better.

Enforcing a team skilled in JavaScript to switch to Flutter without catching up is a recipe for disaster. Similarly, expecting your Flutter team to build high-quality apps on React Native is an error of judgment. As the two frameworks run on two distinct languages, it is essential to prefer the familiar one.

That said, Flutter is undoubtedly the hottest framework in the market today. So, it is pivotal to catch up and build familiarity with Dart before it becomes a necessity. In 2023, both stands toe to toe, yet you never know who wins supremacy in the years to come, so better be safe than sorry.

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