Augmented Reality App Development


What We Do

What We Do


Augmented Reality App Development

At Xperti, we specialize in augmented reality app development that caters to various devices, from smartphones and tablets to smart glasses and headsets. Our AR app development encompasses 3D model design and the implementation of algorithms that seamlessly overlay virtual content onto the device’s camera lens scene.

Augmented Reality Consulting

At Xperti, we offer expert guidance on leveraging AR technology for diverse business purposes, including marketing, education, entertainment, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, real estate, sports, and virtual collaboration. Our AR consulting services validate business ideas, establish project requisites, select optimal AR platforms and tools, and define essential key performance indicators.

Augmented Reality App Testing

At Xperti, we ensure the excellence and functionality of your augmented reality app through rigorous testing methodologies. Our comprehensive approach covers functional, usability, compatibility, performance, security, and user acceptance testing. By conducting these tests, we identify and rectify bugs or glitches, elevating the user experience and overall satisfaction.

Augmented Reality App Integration

At Xperti, we excel in integrating augmented reality app development with third-party services or systems that amplify their functionality and usability. This integration could encompass leveraging geolocation services for location-based AR experiences, harnessing image recognition services for real-world object identification, or employing cloud services to store and process extensive data volumes.


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Augmented Reality App Development?

Of Ar App Development

At Xperti, we specialize in augmented reality app development, crafting captivating and interactive user experiences. By infusing applications with augmented reality, we enhance fun and engagement, increasing user retention and fostering wider adoption.

At Xperti, we drive efficiency through AR app development, offering step-by-step instructions and overlaying digital information. This approach saves valuable time and curbs the necessity for physical prototypes, streamlining processes and optimizing resource utilization.

At Xperti, we champion inclusive experiences through AR app development, furnishing audio/visual translations that cater to users with disabilities. By enhancing accessibility, we create a more user-friendly environment, ensuring that information and experiences are reachable and engaging for everyone.

At Xperti, we elevate data visualization of complex data through augmented reality app development, intuitively and interactively showcasing intricate information. This approach simplifies understanding and interaction with applications spanning education, data analysis, and business intelligence domains.

At Xperti, we specialize in crafting immersive, interactive encounters through AR app development. These experiences captivate and retain users effectively, proving invaluable for domains like gaming, advertising, e-commerce, and other applications.

At Xperti, we use augmented reality app development to elevate customer satisfaction, creating immersive and engaging user experiences. By incorporating AR technology, we forge stronger connections between brands and users, leaving lasting impressions and fostering loyalty.

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We specialize in leveraging the potential of AR technology to transform your ideas into tangible reality. Our adept team of augmented reality app developers boasts extensive experience and commitment to the industry’s best practices, ensuring the seamless realization of your AR projects. Our services elevate customer engagement and retention, drive industry innovation, and maintain a competitive edge at the forefront of technology.



AR software development is the process of creating software applications that use AR technology to overlay digital information and images on the user's view of the real world. This can be done through various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart glasses, and head-mounted displays.

A set of software development tools known as the "augmented reality software development kit," or "AR SDK," enables programmers to construct virtual items that mimic the appearance of things in the real world.

Vuforia Engine heads the list of the most used SDKs for augmented reality development. Vuforia is a comprehensive piece of software first made available by Qualcomm and allows you to integrate cutting-edge computer vision capabilities into your apps. Google Expeditions VR, Microsoft HoloLens, Meta SpaceGlasses, AR Core, and Apple ARKit are also frequently used AR app development frameworks.

The three most important elements of augmented reality are:

  • Real-time interactions.
  • Combining the physical and digital worlds.
  • Reliable 3D object identification for real-world and virtual items.
  • AR technology can be used to develop a wide range of applications such as education and training, gaming and entertainment, advertising and marketing, product visualization, industrial maintenance and repair, architecture and real estate, medical and healthcare, tourism and travel, and many more.

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