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What We Do

What We Do

Platform Development

Custom Platform Development

At Xperti, we excel in delivering specialized platform development services that prioritize high availability and scalability. Our team is dedicated to expediting your journey toward a tailored, swift, cost-effective solution. By attentively understanding your distinct organizational requirements, we craft an integrated ecosystem boasting an open architecture. This empowers you to operate your applications uninterrupted.

SaaS Platform Development

At Xperti, we handle all aspects of an ideal solution, from data storage and cloud selection to app creation, using the software as a service application development. We offer SaaS platform solutions that integrate with on-premises databases and back-end systems in an easy-to-deploy manner. We also handle performance issues, ensuring your system is highly available and consistently provided with service.

Cloud-Native Platform Development

At Xperti, we use cloud-native platforms to ensure your important apps are always reliable. We can help you use special software that makes apps quickly, along with tools like PaaS, microservices, and CI/CD, all while keeping your company’s unique needs in mind. These flexible and scalable cloud services let you update and combine things faster and smoother.

API & Integration

At Xperti, we use API integration to help your digital platform services work together smoothly. Our team can choose the best way to connect your company’s apps –using existing tools, outside services, or creating custom links. This way, your programs and devices can easily share information and work faster, facilitating swift data processing and enhancing overall efficiency.

Platform Development

Ready to improve customer engagement & retention with platform development?

of Platform Development

At Xperti, we believe that to thrive in the market, it’s imperative to offer modern solutions that combine high-performance capabilities with cost-effectiveness. By embracing high-performance solutions, your company can unlock its complete potential and reach new heights of success.

At Xperti, we have a team of cloud adoption experts specializing in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Their firsthand experience in crafting secure and exceptionally reliable solutions sets us apart. Choose, build, or transition to the optimal cloud platform based on the unique requirements of your project.

At Xperti, we operate a cutting-edge technology center dedicated to researching and implementing innovative technologies and strategies. This empowers us to furnish our clients with a distinct competitive advantage. Leverage our technological expertise to cater to your company’s requirements and gain a strategic edge.

At Xperti, we emphasize the importance of engaging proficient UX/UI experts during the initial phases of digital platform development to mitigate risks and validate your concepts. Our team will guarantee that your user experience is impactful and customer-centric and produces the desired outcomes, fostering the growth of your platform.

At Xperti, we harness our extensive technical acumen and software development expertise to comprehend your product at every stage of its evolution. Unleash the full potential of your digital platform to create a pioneering solution that transcends industry boundaries.

At Xperti, we recognize that a crucial stride toward a triumphant product lies in choosing the most suitable collaborative model with your technology ally. With this in mind, we offer three adaptable cooperation approaches tailored to your desired extent of involvement.

Our Diverse Industry Collaborations

Looking for the ideal solution?

Xperti employs advanced platform development services like serverless cloud-native architecture, microservices, and containers for rapid platform development. Our seasoned team follows best practices, ensuring efficiency and allowing you to focus on innovation.



Platform development is the process of creating a software platform that serves as a foundation for other software applications to be built upon. Platforms can include tools, frameworks, or middleware that provide common functionality needed to support the development of multiple applications.

Platform development services can help you to streamline your operations and increase efficiency, improve customer engagement and retention, stay ahead of the technological curve, revolutionize your platform, and accelerate your cloud software development process with the help of cloud-native architecture principles such as serverless, microservices, and containers.

You require a knowledgeable group of software engineers to perform a technical evaluation of your idea after identifying the business issue your software solution should address. The greatest recommendation will be to search for outside vendors if you need an internal team of engineers. Technical specialists may verify your concept, create an MPV if necessary, and then begin full-scale product development.

Platform development services can be used for a wide range of platforms, including web platforms, mobile platforms, enterprise platforms, IoT platforms, and cloud platforms.

Xperti's platform development services differentiate themselves with a focus on delivering innovative and customized solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our team of experts work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and develop a tailored platform that addresses their specific business objectives. We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the platform continues to meet their needs and adapts to any future changes.

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