Cloud Transformation


What We Do

What We Do

Cloud Transformation

Cloud Migration

Start your organization’s digital transformation with cloud migration. Workloads, including corporate storage, legacy applications, and company data, can be moved to a cloud architecture. Xperti works to evaluate your current apps, spot technological weaknesses, and choose your cloud approach. We guarantee a seamless cloud migration process the help of our experienced cloud professionals.

Cloud-native Development

Xperti offers cloud-native development for your software applications. We provide cloud-native software solutions on all key platforms, from conception to implementation and management. Your system’s agility, flexibility, speed, scalability, and dependability are guaranteed to be improved with cloud-native applications.

Cloud Managed Services

Our experienced cloud professionals offer cloud management support to create, develop, and manage cloud solutions and maintain a cloud environment. Our team will strengthen the cloud infrastructure, assist in managing storage, and network operations, enhance security, and streamline procedures. You can concentrate on innovation with our technical assistance for your business automation and improved operations.

Cloud Re-architecting

We can assist you in transitioning your applications towards microservices design, achieving high speed, automating routine tasks, and successfully managing and analyzing large amounts of data. Architecture re-design enhances the application platform’s new features, security, and availability reducing business disruption and costs and benefits from a quicker time to market.

Cloud Transformation

Ready to boost the agility,
of your IT infrastructure with the Cloud?

of Cloud Transformation

Our AWS development of your cloud applications will reduce risks and enhance operational agility. We can assist you with software design, development, modernization, and migration to a serverless architecture.

Microsoft Azure cloud platform will help your business achieve better scale, security, and high availability. To increase your apps’ performance, availability, and cost-effectiveness, Xperti can assist with app architecture, deployment, and management of your existing apps.

Xperti assists businesses in running more effective cloud applications and boosting their performance. Real-time monitoring of application performance in the cloud will offer visibility while managing cloud infrastructures proactively and solving problems more quickly.

With the aid of the Google Cloud Platform, we assist businesses in managing and improving their operational processes. Core workloads will be migrated; apps will be modernized; infrastructure will be monitored and managed, and risks will be reduced with the assistance of our professionals.

Xperti specialists adhere to the best practices in cloud architecture to create high-performing apps. We can assist you in determining which type of cloud architecture—public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud—will provide your company with the most tangible business benefits.

Xperti will choose the best cloud application development approach for your organizational needs. To help you get the most out of your cloud solutions, we will plan and perform cloud migration, hybrid or cloud-native development, and provide maintenance.

Industries We Work With

Looking for the right solution?

Our accumulated experience and best industry practices will help you incorporate cloud-native architecture principles of serverless, microservices, containers, and accelerate your cloud software development process. Focus on innovation by receiving the technical support you need to automate and enhance your business operations.



Cloud development is the process of writing code in the cloud or on a local computer that is directly connected to the cloud environment, then transferring that code to the cloud for testing. Only a browser or online interface linked to a cloud-based infrastructure is needed for cloud development.

Cloud migration moves data, programs, or other business components to a cloud computing environment. A business can migrate to the cloud in several ways. Using a similar model, apps and data can be transferred from a nearby data center to the public cloud.

The migration to the cloud can take a month and a year. The amount of data that needs to be migrated, the cloud platform to which the organization wishes to move its data, third-party connectors, and how the business previously operated its data affect how long it takes.

Before beginning your migration to a cloud environment, you must choose the right platform. Some of the best cloud computing services are:

  • AWS Cloud.
  • Microsoft Azure.
  • Google Cloud.
  • IBM Cloud.
  • Red Hat Cloud.
  • Oracle Cloud.

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