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Xperti is an online community of verified technology experts created to help project leaders perfect their organization’s strategic technology initiatives. Xperti is an Arthur Lawrence company that has been in the talent acquisition industry for the past two decades.

What Do We Do?

Finding the right engineer and tech specialist is a challenge for many organizations. Xperti offers two main services. Build Teams and providing Managed IT services.

Xperti offers a comprehensive suite of specialized IT professionals to augment your team’s existing tech stack. Our team of skilled and reliable experts includes Project Managers, Software Engineers. QA Professionals, DevOps Engineers, and other essential roles are required for the successful completion of the desired projects. Trust in our industry-leading professionals to bridge the gap and help you achieve your business goals.

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Technology Consulting

Our Mission

Xperti provides top-tier IT staffing solutions to help you build a highly skilled distributed software engineering team capable of delivering software projects of any size and complexity faster than the industry standard.

Our Vision

Provide a pool of tested and trusted tech resources that are fully integrated with your team and create end-to-end software development projects for clients worldwide.


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