How To Prepare Workers For Remote Work Revolution

November 23, 2022
How To Prepare Workers For Remote Work Revolution

Unlike past, working from home is no longer beyond imagination for employees from all over the world in today’s time. After the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing was almost unavoidable, and businesses were forced to adapt new ways of operating efficiently. This was when the remote work revolution gained much recognition, and considering its popularity; I think it’s safe to say that working remotely is an option that is here to stay. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of preparing employees to work remotely and share our best tips for doing it efficiently and quickly.

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Preparing Employees for Remote Work Revolution

Set Up Daily Meetings

A daily call with their remote employees is something that many effective remote managers arrange. If your employees work more independently from one another or if their work is highly collaborative, this could take the form of a series of one-on-one calls. The fact that the calls are routine and predictable and serve as a forum where employees know they can consult with you and that you will listen to their concerns and questions are key features promoting the remote work revolution.

Enable Them with The Appropriate Tools

It’s time for an update if your business still uses antiquated technology and operates in the stone age. Utilizing cloud-based technologies and software that is mobile-friendly is essential for remote workers. Remote teams can have the flexibility and accessibility they need with cloud-based software tools. No matter where they are in the world, your remote employees will be able to access and share information across various devices.

These new technologies also provide a solution to industry worries about cyber security. By implementing cloud technologies, employers can rest easy knowing that their company’s priceless assets are stored safely and securely, which provides employees with a secure access point to company data and applications. Being a part of the remote work revolution without the right tools can cause problems like isolation, communication delays, and a lack of awareness of what other people are working on.

Communicate Guidelines Around Accountability

Creating a smart, strategic plan that makes sure productivity and efficiency don’t suffer is the key to implementing a remote work policy. The initial step is to make the company’s policy on remote work clear. Establish precise procedures and rules that must be followed, and keep a close eye on the development of your staff, especially in the early phases of the rollout. For instance, ensure that all remote workers are held responsible for meeting their deadlines and setting clear expectations for working hours considering different time zones.

Enable Remote Social Interaction

Creating opportunities for employees to interact socially and have casual conversations about subjects unrelated to work while working remotely is one of the most basic actions a team leader can take.

Leaving some time at the beginning of team calls just for non-work-related matters is the simplest way to establish some fundamental social interaction during the remote work revolution. Other options include virtual pizza parties, where pizza is delivered to the entire team during a videoconference or virtual office parties with “care packages” sent in advance and opened at the same time. According to managers of remote workers and the employees themselves, virtual events help promote a sense of belonging.

Track Your Employee’s Progress

Have your staff give you a work schedule and tasks they are expected to complete within a given time. This will ease your concerns and provide your team with the framework required to carry out their duties during the remote work revolution. Keep in mind that just because you can’t see someone working at their desk doesn’t mean that no work is being completed. Embrace the procedure.

Avoid Micromanaging

When your team is working remotely, you shouldn’t have to keep an eye on them like you do when they are in the office. Regular one-on-one check-ins help managers avoid micromanaging while still allowing them to keep an eye on employees and allow them to ensure feedback goes both ways. You must be confident that your staff members are working hard and performing their jobs efficiently if they communicate clearly and meet deadlines.

Be Flexible

The secret to maintaining consistency with the remote work revolution is to allow flexible hours. You must have a clear plan and be willing to change your tactics as necessary. As long as the work is finished and of a high standard, it shouldn’t matter whether your employees choose to work their hours in the morning or the evening.

Promote and Enable Knowledge Sharing

Fortunately, knowledge sharing is much simpler today, even when employees have spread out across the globe thanks to modern technological solutions. Employee development and company success both benefit from knowledge sharing among coworkers. The remote work revolution fosters a culture of knowledge sharing is essential for remote teams or employees because they might not have as many opportunities for social learning or in-person knowledge sharing.

Communicate Your Organization’s Work-from-Home Policy

For remote workers to be productive, clarity is essential. Therefore, you should have a work-from-home policy if you do have remote employees. Even if you favor flexibility, some rules should still be in place because doing so makes employees feel like they belong to the company’s culture.


By now, you must know all tips and ways to prepare your existing employees for the remote work revolution. The number of people working remotely is expected to increase in the upcoming years, making it more important than ever to know how to supervise and engage your remote employees.

Fortunately, there are numerous strategies for motivating remote workers. Apply some of the above-discussed pointers and try to keep your team motivated, healthy, and effective all year long. If you wish to hire experienced remote employees, Xperti has a large pool of talented candidates across industries who can be the right fit for your team.

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