How Xperti Can Help You Find React Jobs In The USA

November 18, 2022
react jobs in usa

It’s a simple demand and supply concept and because of quicker development and deployment times, React Native is becoming a more and more popular platform for creating mobile apps, which means there are many react job opportunities for those with the skill set.

You must first have a solid grasp of JavaScript before learning React Native. React Native is based on React, so you should also be familiar with its fundamentals. It’s key to note that having a basic understanding of HTML and CSS would be advantageous. A strong foundation in these technologies will make learning React Native much simpler, even though you don’t need to be an expert in them.

Scope of React Jobs in the U.S.

In comparison to conventional native development frameworks, React Native gives you a comparative edge. First off, learning React Native is much simpler than learning Objective-C or Java. Second, React Native employs declarative programming, which improves code readability and facilitates the addition of new features.

The community is very supportive of React Native. You can quickly find a solution to any issues you encounter while creating your app using a 3rd party platform. Finally, you can easily integrate and use many of the React Native packages available on npm, saving you a ton of time. Such reasons surely prove that learning React Native Jobs is the right thing and has much potential in the coming years.

How to Find React Developer Jobs in The U.S.?

Success in today’s cutthroat digital age requires staying on top of the latest trends. Globally, COVID-19 has altered the hiring process. Remote hiring is now a reality in almost every other sector.

Elite employers like FAANG, Fortune 500 companies, or the Big 4 can connect with the top 1% of tech talent in America in 2022 through the highly reputable hiring platform Xperti. If you’re searching for react jobs in the United States, contact an expert from Xperti. With Xperti, you can find your dream job in a matter of clicks.

Apply to React Jobs with Xperti

You need to register on the Xperti website to find employment as a React developer. By selecting “apply now,” you can quickly submit your application for various React Native jobs on the job portal.

Sign Up with Xperti

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You can upload both your resume and the registration form online. Ensure that you have a work visa for the U.S.

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A talent recruiter will contact you after reviewing your application. There will be a 3-step vetting process for your profile.

Find Work with Xperti

The Xperti job portal has a number of openings for React jobs. As a responsible applicant, you must click “View Job” to review the job requirements and description.

Examine the job description and the competencies needed. You can easily submit your application for React developer jobs in the USA by choosing “apply now.”

React developer job apply

Please provide your contact information, email address, and full name. Additionally, you need to decide which tax term you want to work. Upload your most recent resume and include information about your U.S. work permit.



If you are a U.S. citizen, possess a green card, an EAD-GC, EAD-OPT, TN Permit (Canada/Mexico), or occasionally a CPT, you can schedule a meeting with a talent advocate right away (Part-Time). A calendar with options for immediately booking screening times will appear when you select “Step 2: Book Your Screening Time Right Away.”

3-Step Vetting Process at Xperti!


The hiring procedure is customized to each candidate’s strengths by Xperti’s talent advocates. Prior to the interview, they place a strong emphasis on creating strong profiles and onboarding processes.


Using Xperti’s three-step validation process, you can compete with the best software engineers in the United States. Fortune 500 companies and other prestigious employers will get to know you and rank you in the top 1% of American tech talent if you have what it takes.

Match and Grow

Your chances of being shortlisted and hired rise as Xperti’s system analytics match your unique skill set and career interests to available positions.

5 Questions Asked During the Interview for React Developer Jobs in the U.S.

What Are Pure Components in React Native?

If a React component renders a similar output for a similar state and set of props, it can be said to be pure. PureComponent class components are treated as pure components and extend the React framework.

Can We Combine Android or iOS Code in React Native?

Yes, react native allows us to combine code from iOS and Android. The components written in Java, Objective-C, or Swift can be seamlessly combined with the aid of React Native.

How to Style a Component in React Native?

The primary React components all accept a style prop. The prop could be a simple JavaScript object. Additionally, you can pass a variety of different fashions. The use of StyleSheet is recommended if your components are complex. Create to consolidate various styles in one location.

What is Your Understanding About Props Drilling?

This query comes up frequently in react native interviews. Props The process of sending data from a parent component to an identical child component, even though other components are in the middle and have the necessary props, is referred to as drilling (threading).

What Do You Mean by Interaction Manager and Its Significance?

After any interactions or animations are finished, the interaction manager operates on a long-running schedule. In particular, Javascript animations are supported for smooth operation. It is crucial because it helps applications register animations by creating an interaction “handle” at the beginning of an animation and clearing it at its conclusion.


You now know how Xperti can assist you in locating lucrative positions as a React developer in the United States. We know that many professionals are happy with their current jobs. However, to advance in your career, you should consider changing jobs. What is the delay, then? To find the ideal React job that will completely transform your professional life, go to the Xperti job portal.

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