How Xperti Helps You Land The Ideal Mobile Developer Jobs In The USA

November 11, 2022
mobile developer jobs in usa

You can use programming languages on various mobile operating systems, such as iOS or Android, to develop applications that people like using in the booming field of mobile app development. It’s not surprising to see a promising career path for those applying to mobile developer jobs, given our increasing reliance on mobile technology. The increasing startup culture has also fueled a significant portion of the demand for mobile app developers. Many of these businesses are willing to offer highly competitive salaries to qualified applicants. In a sense, the computing revolution of 20 years ago is now being played out on the mobile front as many startups switch to only mobile and no web environments.

Scope of Mobile Developer Jobs In the USA

A career in mobile developer jobs can bring in an annual salary of between $89,000 and $125,000 with the right skill set and experience. Naturally, this will depend on your employer, the software you use to create your mobile apps, your level of experience, and other factors. There’s no doubt that the mobile developer jobs are yet to evolve to a new level with cross-platform development, integration of artificial intelligence, and greater emphasis on the role of A.R. and V.R.

How to Find Mobile Developer Jobs in The USA?

Keeping up with the most recent trends is essential for being successful in today’s competitive digital age. COVID-19 has changed the hiring process all over the world. In almost every other industry, recruitment is now being done remotely.

Through the highly reliable hiring platform Xperti, elite employers like FAANG, Fortune 500 companies, or the Big 4 connect with the top 1% of tech talent in America in 2022. Speak with a professional from Xperti if you’re looking for mobile developer jobs in the U.S. You can land your dream job arrangement with Xperti in just a few clicks.

Apply to Mobile Developer Jobs with Xperti 

If you’re looking for mobile developer jobs, you must sign up on Xperti’s website. You can quickly submit your application for various mobile developer jobs on the job portal by choosing “apply now.”

Sign Up With Xperti

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You can upload both your resume and the registration form online. Make sure you have a work visa for the United States.

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After reviewing your application, a talent recruiter will get in touch with you. Your profile will go through a 3-step vetting process.

Find Work With Xperti

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There are several openings for mobile developer jobs on Xperti’s job portal. You must click “View Job” as a responsible applicant to check the required qualifications and job description.

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Review the job description and the required skills. By selecting “apply now,” you can quickly submit your application for mobile developer jobs in USA.

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Please include your full name, email address, and contact information. You must also choose the tax term that you want to work. Include details about your work permit in the U.S. and upload your most recent resume.


You can arrange a meeting with a talent advocate right away if you’re a citizen of the United States, have a green card, an EAD-GC, EAD-OPT, TN Permit (Canada/Mexico), or occasionally a CPT (Part-Time). When you choose “Step 2: Book Your Screening Time Right Away,” a calendar with immediate booking options will appear.

3-Step Vetting Process at Xperti!


The hiring process is tailored by Xperti’s talent advocates to each candidate’s strengths. They emphasize building strong profiles before the interview and onboarding procedures.


You can compete with the best software engineers in the U.S. using Xperti’s three-step validation process. If you have what it takes, Fortune 500 companies and other esteemed employers will get to know you and rank you in the top 1% of American tech talent.

Match and Grow

As Xperti’s system analytics match your particular skill set and career interests to open positions, your chances of being shortlisted and hired increase.

5 Questions Asked During the Interview for Mobile Developer Jobs in the USA

What data does a mobile developer use before starting to code?

After receiving the wireframe, list of technical and business requirements, and basic U.I. artwork from the project manager and designers, experienced mobile app developers begin a project.

Programmers can lessen the chance of wasting time and effort by doing this. They can also better understand the features that business owners want from the project.

Explain the Concept of ANR And How Can A Developer Avoid It?

Application Not Responding is referred to as ANR. A dialogue box appears if an app freezes for longer than 10 seconds.

Reducing the number of tasks carried out by the core U.I. thread is the primary method of avoiding ANR. It is common practice to create separate threads for resource-intensive tasks, such as database connections or complex computations.

What Is Hybrid App Development?

Web technologies like CSS, HTML, and Javascript help creating hybrid apps, which are then wrapped in native applications using platforms like Cordova. Like UIWebView in iOS and WebView in Android, the apps are displayed in their own embedded browser (not Safari or Chrome). This enables you to create mobile apps using any web-native framework.

What is Explicit Intent?

An explicit intent is used when calling a particular component.

When launching a component is what you want to do, and you don’t want to give the user free rein to choose the component. As an illustration, your application has two activities—both Activities A and B. From activity A, you want to start activity B. In this scenario, you define activity B with explicit intent targeting and use it to call activity B directly.

How long does it take to integrate a mobile app with Google Analytics?

It’s a trick question that does a great job of exposing fraud. Although “adding integrations” seems like a difficult process, it’s really quite simple.

Therefore, you can tell a programmer is unqualified for the position if they respond with a time frame of a week, a month, or another extended period. “From 30 minutes to an hour” would be a reasonable response.


You now understand how Xperti can help you find high-paying mobile developer jobs in the U.S. We know that many professionals are content with their current employment. However, you should think about changing jobs if you want to advance in your career. So, what’s the delay? Visit Xperti’s job portal to land the perfect mobile developer job that will truly be a game changer for your professional life.

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