Ten Stunning Free React Templates And Themes To Kick Start Your Projects

September 30, 2022

React is a popular JavaScript framework that is used to create user interfaces and websites with faster and smoother performance. People who use React regularly know how fast it is as well as how much attention it has received recently. Web developers are also aware of the advantages that come with using React.js – faster rendering, constant updates, and great performance. If you are a React developer, you must have explored different options to start developing your next project.

These days, we have everything at our fingertips; many websites offer ready-made templates for any type of website or app, even for static sites or blogs. We have discovered some great resources for React developers to get started with their projects without having to go through too much stress. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best free React themes and templates available online today.

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1. Argon Dashboard 2 Material-UI

Argon Dashboard 2 MUI is a great option for developers who want to get right into the development process without any extra effort. It’s one of the best free React website templates because it has everything you need to start your project, including a pre-built site architecture, components, an MUI library, and a starter CSS library.

Argon Dashboard 2 Material-UI has a clean and modern design. It is fully responsive and suitable for any device. It also offers a wide range of elements, including buttons, toggles, inputs, navigation bars, icons, a carousel, and much more. With Argon, you can choose between two different starter kits: one is more suitable for blogs, landing pages, and sales pages, while the other is more suited for apps and web apps.

2. Bootstrap Responsive React Template

The Bootstrap Responsive React Template is another great choice for starters who want to build a simple and modern website. It’s a free React website template powered by Bootstrap, so you can expect a clean and responsive website. This Bootstrap template is suitable for individuals and businesses who want to create a simple and friendly website. It’s also a good option for those who want to start their first project with React. The fact that it is powered by Bootstrap makes it easy to customize and get started with your project. It has many pre-made elements and components, such as a pricing table, a video carousel, and a contact form.

3. Sencha Touch 2 Template

The Sencha Touch 2 template is not just one of the best free React website templates, but also one of the best free templates in general. It’s a great choice for developers who want to create a native app or need a website with a mobile-friendly design.

The template is powered by Sencha, a very popular framework among web app developers. This React web template has a mobile-first design, so it’s perfect for any device. It’s also very responsive so it can be used on any web-enabled device.

Sencha Touch 2 is also compatible with many modern libraries, including jQuery, Zepto, React, and Angular. With this template, you can create a fully-functional mobile app or website. It has many widgets, such as a calendar, search bar, toggle switch, pop-up menu, and many others.

4. MStore Pro Template

A React Native theme may simplify the process of adapting an existing website built with WordPress, WooCommerce, or Shopify into a native mobile application.

MStore Pro is one of the most popular React web templates for 2022, and it can be used to transform your current e-commerce platform into a native mobile application.

You don’t need to know how to write the code to make changes to this template. Users may connect up using their Facebook credentials, and payment options including PayPal, Stripe, and cash on delivery are supported.

5. Styled-Components Responsive UI Free Templates

Styled Components offer some of the best free React website templates with different design options. It’s a great choice for developers who want to create a unique website with a modern design.

The template offers different design styles, such as a dark mode, a light mode, and a material design. It also provides different layouts, such as a one-page website or a blog. All designs are responsive, so they can be used on any device. With this React web template, you can create a simple website with a contemporary touch. It has many pre-made components and elements, such as a blog, carousel, search bar, and login screen. It also offers pre-built animations, so you can add interesting effects to your website.

6. Metronic

Numerous highly-rated reviews and testimonials attest to Metronic’s excellence, an admin dashboard template and ecosystem compatible with Bootstrap 5 HTML, React, Angular, Laravel, VueJS, Blazor, and Django. Input from users is carefully considered by the template’s designers. The React theme has more than 150 pre-made pages, in addition to development tools, APEX charts, e-commerce widgets, and more.

7. Now UI Theme

The Now UI theme is a great choice for those who want to create a website with a clean and sleek interface. It’s a free React web template that offers a variety of design options. You can choose between a dark mode, a light mode, and a material design.

This template offers lots of pre-built components, such as a login form, a menu, and a search bar. It also offers a wide range of design elements, such as buttons, icons, and images. Now UI Theme has a responsive design, so it can be used on any device. Now is an excellent choice for beginners who want to build a simple and modern website. It has a very simple interface, so it’s easy to create a website with this template.

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8. Argon Theme

With the Argon theme, you have the option to select and combine any of the hundred different components that make up the Argon Design System. With such a huge number of components, this template is ideal for use with Bootstrap and Reactstrap. It includes five plugins and six sample pages. Everyone, from complete novices to seasoned programmers, will appreciate the code’s straightforward organization. (Remember that the full version gives you access to many more features!)

You have instant access to everything from icons and maps to tables to registration and login forms. Even on mobile, Argon shines, with horizontal scrolling working well even for things as broad as tables. Argon offers a live demo preview, so you can see it in action before you commit to the full version.

9. Paper Theme

Developers and website owners who are fans of the React library shouldn’t miss out on Paper. You may do well with this alternative to the more commonplace templates, and it has a lot going for it.

You can whip up a control panel for your project in no time with the right selection of hues, patterns, and ornamentation. The free download of Paper includes a help file but no technical assistance. If you are just starting off, the documentation should be your best friend.

There are also 16 supplemental components, 4 additional plugins, and 7 add-on pages that might be of use. Instead of starting from scratch when launching a new project, try using Paper.

10. Material Kit

Material Kit is an absolute must-have if you’re a fan of Google’s Material Design. React Native is a cutting-edge app development platform that adheres to all the rules and standards of today for maximum effectiveness. It has an uncluttered, simple style that is universally appealing. To top it all off, Material Kit is rather simple to use, ensuring that both amateurs and experts can get the most out of it.

With over 200 different components, you’ll have everything you need to get your project up and running in no time. Though, you can always become a pro and have access to even more options and features. However, the free edition of Material Kit will prove to be a fantastic option if a simple mobile app is all you require.


Today, we have looked at some of the best free React website templates and themes and how they can help developers to get started with their projects. They are great options if you are a starter and want to create a simple and modern website with faster and smoother performance.

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