How To Work From Home: Download E-Book Now

July 20, 2020

Work from home was supposed to relieve harried professionals juggling domestic responsibilities with professional growth. Is that what happened when work from home dominated the corporate landscape?

Not according to the research. In addition to poor work-life balance, top talent reports overwork, additional stress, and even mental health issues. Many report that the line between work and rest has completely blurred. All this points to the risk of burnout.

Avoid total exhaustion by developing healthy routines, enforcing fair boundaries and experiencing the best of work and rest with advice on working from home. Remote work can be meaningful with the right mindset and discipline.

Download this e-book to find out more!



Nayyara Rahman is a management and technology professional with a focus on digital services. Her work in integrating marketing and technology is aimed at making organizations more efficient, accountable and transparent. She is also an award-winning author and researcher whose contribution has been acknowledged on several prestigious international forums.

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