Tech Talent: Your Career Success, Uninterrupted

July 27, 2020
Tech Talent Your Career Success Uninterrupted

Technology consultants, especially those with recognized expertise in software project development, Java projects, or any other forte in tech talent,  face a strange dilemma: They’re not short of work, just the right kind of work. Much of this is the result of accepting projects that are less exciting, less rewarding and less challenging than the ones they just completed. (Yes, highly skilled Java professional, we mean you).

What choice is there you may ask? Bad projects are better than no projects.

At Xperti, we beg to differ. And we have a strong, data-driven reason to disagree.

You see, when we run the analytics on tech talent,  the results for every technology job in USA (and every job-seeker’s career) follows a graph line: A small representation of flat-liners. A lucky few whose career follows a linear, upward graph, with career growth being a positive function of their experience in a specific technology stack.

But for the remaining, and that’s easily 60%, the graph resembles more a mountain range than a career trajectory: Some heights, many valleys and troughs, and complete continuity in between.


Tech Talent: No Longer A Career Roller-coaster

At Xperti, we have declared war on the valleys and troughs. Given the direction of the talent economy, we’re determined to increase the number of technology experts who can count on an upward, linear career graph. At the very least, we want you to outlast the career troughs.

Top Technology Career: What will it take? How can Xperti help?

Xperti’s analytics categorize tech talent aided by several metrics, some of which are:

  • Experience
  • Certifications, and other evidence of skill
  • Types of projects
  • Stack-specific experience
  • Industry and domain knowledge
  • Project/work status

As a result, we have a transparent, objective and holistic view of developer performance at each stage. We then match these against each job (particularly software engineering job), available with our clients at any point in time. The Xperti solution goes a few steps ahead of IT recruitment solutions to match IT developers for that role, taking into account, the developers:

  • Suitability for the software engineering job (or other role), after being validated via Xperti’s 3-step validation process.
  • Availability for the projects’ duration
  • Location
  • Project site status (remote/onsite)

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That’s how we protect top talent in technology from short selling itself. It’s a win on both sides. Our clients bring on board elite software engineers, and our top tech talent enjoys a rewarding, challenging project that propels their career forward.

Better Cost-Benefit Analyses

Technology career success does come with some trade-offs no matter what. But with Xperti, elite talent has the privilege of getting the best results out of its cost-benefit analysis, each time.



Nayyara Rahman is a management and technology professional with a focus on digital services. Her work in integrating marketing and technology is aimed at making organizations more efficient, accountable and transparent. She is also an award-winning author and researcher whose contribution has been acknowledged on several prestigious international forums.

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