10 Popular Tech Companies That Use Python In 2024

March 07, 2023
10 Popular Tech Companies That Use Python In 2022

Introduction to Python

Most companies who use python claim to choose the language because of its easy use and high-level capabilities. There are more than 500 programming languages, and new ones are being created every day. Of course, many of these overlap. Many were never intended to be applied outside of a theoretical or laboratory situation.

Python has been remarkably constant when it comes to offering solutions to the many difficulties encountered by businesses. Python can cater to AI problems, programming, crunching statistics data, or accessing databases. One of Python’s distinguishing characteristics is its extensive whitespace while parsing code blocks, as opposed to other languages that frequently employ brackets. It serves as a practical illustration of how Python’s design philosophy interacts with the language.

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We’ll now discuss 10 giant tech companies who use Python in 2024. You may then assess what great opportunities await Python developers in the real world.

10 Successful Tech Companies that Use Python

1. Netflix

Python’s use by Netflix is well-known and something in which the company takes full pride. Netflix’s use of python language has been eagerly discussed on a number of tech-focused news websites, including Netflix’s own tech blog. It is used by Netflix to support machine learning capabilities that examine movies, improve streaming, and extract images for thumbnail displays. Python is used to train machine learning models, which are used for everything from personalized artwork to the algorithmic recommendation.

The most significant uses of Python are found throughout the system and include:

Security: Python is well-suited for identifying vulnerabilities, automating security procedures, and resolving them.

Operations: Netflix performs the numerical analysis using Python tools like SciPy and NumPy.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox’s entire technology stack was created in Python, though it later began using Go. Guido van Rossum, the Python creator, was brought in from Google, where he had worked for years. He made it possible for Dropbox community users to share data stores after joining as an engineer. It is challenging to quantify Dropbox’s dependence on Python because many of the company’s libraries are closed-source. Python is used by engineers at Dropbox for various purposes; its major advantages are its cross-platform compatibility, ease of learning, and readability.

3. Reddit

Six months after its debut, in December 2005, Reddit underwent a Python recode from its initial Lisp coding. The primary justification for the switch was that Python offered more code libraries and greater development flexibility. Web.py, the web framework that formerly powered the website, is now an open-source endeavor. Python and its enormous library of tools have won over Reddit, one of the most popular microblogging platforms. Rolling pin, monitors, gevent, aws-mfa, pywebpush, and baseplate.py are just a few Python libraries that Reddit uses.

4. Lyft

Some argue Lyft is Uber’s twin/ doppelganger. However, there are varying opinions about whether Lyft or Uber can effectively transport people from point A to point B, depending on the individual, the price, and the location.

“Python is one of Lyft’s favorite. NumPy, Pandas, and PuLP are frequently used by services to serve requests through Flask, Gevent, and Gunicorn. To combat fraud, we employ SciPy, and to provision hosts, we use Salt.” – Roy Williams’ presentation on Lyft’s use of Python 3 in their technological infrastructure.

5. Google

Python has contributed greatly to the company’s growth. It is used by Google because it is straightforward and reasonably quick to maintain. Along with C++, Java, and Go, Python is one of Google’s recognized server-side programming languages. The use of Python in the organization includes search engines, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics projects.

6. Meta

Python is used extensively in Instagram’s business logic. To simplify things, Python is essential to Instagram’s operation and powers the everyday interactions of more than a billion users. It is one of the most well-known businesses that use the Python programming language along with Django, and it just switched to Python 3. On the back-end of Facebook, python is used in most production engineering.

7. Spotify

Python is used by Spotify for data analysis, inter-service communication, and its back-end services. Python usage led to the Spotify recommendation engine that we now have. What’s next? International Python conferences like PyCon and Euro Python are supported by Spotify. This indicates that Spotify is quite enthusiastic about using Python.


Python is largely used by NASA’s Workflow Automation System (WAS) for data management and planning of shuttle missions. Python’s simplicity of usage enables NASA to complete projects on schedule without being hindered by unneeded complexity. On their webpage listing all of NASA’s open-source projects, Python is used for a number of additional NASA projects.

9. Uber

The fact that most of Uber’s user services are powered by Uber themselves, such as calculating ETA, ride costs, etc., speaks volumes about how crucial Python is to this business. Most of Uber’s services are powered by Python and Node.js, with Go and Java also valuable components of its tech stack. Uber prefers the Python framework Tornado.

10. Industrial Light and Magic

Industrial Light and Magic was and continues to be a key player in the creation of the Star Wars movies. Python played a significant role in the transition to increasingly CGI-heavy filmmaking. All fans of science fiction should be grateful for the profound digital change that gave rise to computer-generated images (CGIs).

Get a Job in Companies that Use Python  

If the success of a large corporation gives you assurance regarding how well your organization can use Python, then hopefully, these 10 tech companies who use Python accomplished their purpose well. Apart from deciding on the tools that will help your business grow, you also need professional developers to use those tools efficiently.

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