invokedynamic java


Introduction Java 7 introduced multiple features at the time of its release. However, one feature that stands out among Java developers is invokedynamic bytecode that was part of JSR 292. We will be further discussing in this article why it is such a powerful tool for the Java platform, especially for JVM dynamic languages. What is invokedynamic Java? Invokedynamic Java is a bytecode instruction that allows the implementation of dynamic languages in the JVM using dynamic methods. It allows the Java compiler to generate a code that can call methods with a certain specification. It can be used to build more flexible and more efficient JVM-based languages. When invokedynamic Java was initially introduced in Java 7, it was intended to further enhance the JVM support for dynamically typed languages.  Since its first release, the invokedynamic opcode has been extensively used for dynamic JVM-based languages like JRuby and even for statically typed languages like Java itself. Dynamic…