Online Community Enabling Java Developers To Upskill For Career Growth

April 30, 2021

Over a hundred seasoned Java professionals collaborate, exchange industry-specific information and receive relevant job placement opportunities on JavaXperts by Xperti, an online Slack community that aims to bring like-minded tech talent together.

The online community, launched in November 2020 to encourage collaboration among Java developers, coders and programmers in different locations across the US, is now gaining momentum as members share common goals and support each other on their way to have successful careers. It offers a cost-effective communication tool where mid and top tier Java professionals discuss trending industry topics, post queries and receive answers, and at the same time it offers a dynamic tech recruiting alternative.

“We ensure that JavaXperts by Xperti brings value to all its members and provides opportunities for self-development and continuing professional learning”, says Saira Irfan, community manager.

“Java developers are spread across the breadth of the country. Geographic limitation is one major factor that led to the launch of this virtual community initiative. Given the constant need for tech professionals to stay up-to-date with advanced knowledge, it will help members foster shared values and enhance networking”, she adds.

With a significant increase in remote working and learning during COVID-19, this online Java community looks like a game changer in the tech recruiting space.

Jordan Brown, a senior Java programmer who recently became part of the community shares, “I am happy to be collaborating with hundreds of tech professionals on this virtual platform. It helps me get quick industry updates and ideas that I might miss on because of my hectic work schedule.”



The author is a Communications and PR professional with a breadth of experience in idea formulation, storytelling, stakeholder engagement and reputation management. Her work has ranged from crafting traditional and digital communications strategies to conducting in-depth research and creating unique and engaging comms designs, especially in the consulting sphere.

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