What is Total Talent Management Solutions (TTM)?

January 19, 2024
What is Total Talent Management Solutions (TTM)

Organizations are using flexible resources more and more to help them achieve their strategic goals. In the evolution of the skills market, an organization’s capacity to grow its staff and acquire specialized expertise when and where needed is essential. Naturally, though, it’s easier said than done. As the name implies, total talent management offers businesses a comprehensive approach to hiring talent for both contingent and permanent positions within their workforce.

Permanent and temporary solutions were previously purchased, put into practice, and operationalized independently, which occasionally resulted in silo thinking and other problems like inconsistency. Forward-thinking businesses are now shifting from fixed, pre-established modes of working to more output-driven models in place of the standard measures of managing temp and permanent recruitment.

Why choose total talent management solutions? One benefit is that companies will have better visibility and control over their whole workforce, allowing them to combine contract, temporary, permanent, and Statement of Work resources in the best possible way. No matter how they are involved, they will witness improved procedures throughout the whole recruitment life cycle that increase efficiency and provide a better candidate experience.

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What is Total Talent Management?

Within the workforce, total talent management (TTM) is a new solution that combines contingent talent (MSP) and permanent talent (RPO) solutions to offer a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to talent management. Even while complete talent management in its ideal form may not yet exist, it appears that we are moving in that direction.

Why Should Companies Use Total Talent Solutions?

You should think about implementing total talent management for a number of reasons, including improving labor cost management and assisting your business in attracting and retaining top people. Its benefits are mentioned below:

1. Integration and optimization

Any effective people management plan must include both integration and optimization. In order to provide businesses with a comprehensive understanding of their whole personnel ecosystem and to maximize talent deployment, this approach to recruitment and workforce management combines contingent and permanent workforce solutions. You can connect all of your HR procedures with it to increase productivity. Putting it another way, total talent management’s integration and optimization features help your business employ the best candidates, whether from within or outside, for open jobs at the right moment, which eventually boosts output and reduces costs.

2. Flexibility and adaptability

To remain competitive, businesses must be adaptive and agile, and this extends to employment procedures. Companies can become more flexible and adaptive to nontraditional labor sources by adopting a hybrid model of full-time and contingent workers. This can result in higher innovation and better commercial outcomes.

3. Brand control

A key element of talent management is employer branding. It is imperative to identify the most qualified applicants for your business. Here’s where talent management strategies come into play: having control over employer branding is crucial for luring and keeping top personnel, and a well-executed talent management plan guarantees that firms have just that.  You can put in place talent sourcing methods to hire the best candidate for each job opportunity while displaying a positive employer brand to all sorts of workers (contingent and direct hires) by using total talent management or collaborating with a total talent management partner.

4. Enhanced productivity

With no indications of slowing down, the popularity of remote and hybrid work arrangements is growing. It’s not easy to manage remote contractors, though. Organizations must put the proper systems and procedures in place to guarantee that remote contractors perform above and beyond expectations. Total talent management ensures that remote employees are valuable members of the company by assisting in the identification and engagement of talent from a distance.

5. Cost saving

In addition to the previously mentioned advantage, total talent management facilitates the possibility of cutting overhead costs by utilizing the services of employees in areas with lower costs of living, such as Latin America. Talent management can reduce expenses by expediting the hiring procedure. Organizations can decrease administrative overhead, remove duplication of effort, and save money on job advertising fees by centralizing personnel management and recruitment operations. This effectiveness results in financial savings while maintaining the assurance that the most qualified applicants are appointed to open positions.

6. Access to talent

You may access a larger pool of skilled people by working with total talent management enterprises, which is crucial for businesses looking to acquire a competitive edge and get past the difficulties of a competitive labor market. You can access a variety of abilities and knowledge to satisfy your requirements and expectations by collaborating with a total talent management service provider.

What Are the Challenges of Implementing Total Talent Management?

As is frequently the case, putting a TTM plan into practice successfully requires overcoming a number of obstacles.

1. Silos in businesses

Organizational silos frequently impede talent management and acquisition procedures. Separate processes for every department result in inefficiency and lost possibilities for growth. To help everyone work toward the same goals, silos must be broken down in order for total talent management to succeed. This will enable clear communication and cross-functional collaboration.

2. Lack of data

A thorough understanding of the worker ecosystem is necessary for total talent management, and this can be challenging to accomplish without precise and current data. Without it, strategic talent acquisition decisions on hiring, retention, and development are typically based on shaky foundations and could eventually be detrimental to the entire company.

3. Culture

Successful total talent management solutions implementation requires a healthy and engaging work culture, and companies may find it difficult to implement it if their corporate culture is not ready for it. Adopting this strategy may be hampered by mistrust and resistance to change. To get around this, businesses can spend money on staff training, encourage creativity and teamwork, and cultivate openness to create a culture that values total talent management.

4. Technology

Given that total talent management incorporates new tools and technologies, it could be necessary to acquire new knowledge and abilities. You may be confident that you will be able to find and use the best solutions for your needs with the assistance of industry experts. By doing this, you may keep your company from squandering valuable resources and passing up chances to hire top individuals and enhance management.


Total talent management solutions offer distinct advantages by including all aspects of talent acquisition into relationships, technologies, and processes. Better procedures and cost savings on all hiring thanks to the combination of operational models that use data to support and facilitate requirements for workforce planning in the future.

Xperti can assist you in maximizing talent acquisition within your entire total talent management strategy. We assist US businesses in hiring highly qualified remote workers or full-time staff members.

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