Top Technology Talent, Say Goodbye To Job Filters

July 27, 2020
Top Technology Talent

The higher your experience and skillset, the easier it would be to land the most attractive offer for a technology project or job. After all, you have made the personal investment needed to secure exciting projects which put your skills to their best use.

Yet in most cases, getting the work isn’t the problem: Getting the right work is. In this Article we will be covering how the top technology talent can bid farewell to job filters.

Top Technology Talent for Developer Jobs In the USA

If you have spent at least four to five years in the technology industry, whether as a Java developer, or any other software developer for technology jobs in the USA, you’re already familiar with the frustrating dilemmas confronting your career choices:

  • Right project/wrong timing
  • Wrong project/right timing
  • Wrong project/right location
  • Right project/wrong experience
  • Right client/wrong location/timing

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And the list goes on. The more expert you are in solving client solutions with your skills in software development, the more likely you are to be flooded with job offers you don’t need. Projects where the title seems to be the role you’re looking for, but the JD’s totally off, reporting lines messed up and so on.

Sometimes, when everything else works out, the client has a project date you simply cannot meet.


Frustrating, isn’t it?

What’s even more frustrating is that the job filters you specified before applying on your typical career platform explicitly made your preferences clear.

Do you still spend time in deleting irrelevant job newsletters, and unsubscribing to unusual career mailing lists?

Even if you are one of those people who prefer ignoring such emails to deleting them, a huge number of unread emails can be very annoying.

We suspect you have been there. And in those moments, you have often wished for a solution that would automatically take care of your career needs without you having to intervene ever so often.

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When we designed Xperti, we’d already been in your shoes for some time. We understood the frustration, the immense waste of time and focus spent in unproductive work like adjusting filters. We also realized that any technology recruitment solution would be incomplete

  1. if it didn’t intuitively address maturing profiles, flag for technical contractor availability, or
  2. lack thereof), or adopt a data-driven approach to bridge the gap between technology talent supply and demand.

So, when we created Xperti, our primary goal for top technology talent was that they should invest time focusing on their jobs. Once you have applied as an Xperti, let us do the hard work. We do not want software professionals to do non-productive tasks like managing job filters and unsubscribing to it.


Eventually, Xperti will become a one-click solution, where your one resume submission will populate your calendar with your desired projects.

Get in touch with us to learn how we can make this happen together.



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