Top 10 Remote Work Tools For Better Productivity

March 07, 2023
Remote Work Tools For Higher Productivity

With Millennials favoring new roles based on their flexibility in terms of working hours and location, we are in the midst of the remote working revolution. Employers now realize that the home office can actually increase productivity. Thanks to modern technology and remote work tools, setting up a professional working environment at home that fosters efficiency has never been as easy as it is today. To ensure efficiency, businesses must understand the importance of equipping their employees with the right remote work software.

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What are Remote Work Tools?

Remote workers have the opportunity to collaborate and communicate effectively with team members. They can also schedule their work and complete tasks with the help of software and applications known as remote work tools. Irrespective of how scattered your team is, these digital tools help them stay in touch with their managers and coworkers at every stage of the job.

Simple time management programs to specialized digital workspaces that connect the entire team for a digitalized workplace experience are all examples of tools for remote work.

Top 10 Remote work Tools Used in 2024

1. Zoom

During the pandemic, Zoom became one of the most popular applications across a range of industries, including education, law, accounting, and health. One of the fastest-growing apps in 2020 and 2021 was Zoom, which saw a 2,900% increase in the number of active meeting participants. Video and audio conferences and meetings are all conducted using this cost-effective application.

With the help of Zoom’s user-friendly interface, anyone can set up a free digital conference room for up to 100 people. Users can also designate breakout spaces for individual team member collaboration. Zoom also gives the host the option of “locking” the meeting space or letting anyone join. It has evolved into the perfect app for connecting teams for work, no matter where they are.

2. Microsoft Teams

Second only to Zoom, Microsoft Teams is considered the biggest support system during the pandemic. Users can connect, chat, call, and collaborate, all in one place, using Microsoft Teams. Teams is one of the best remote work tools for groups looking for a secure platform to collaborate, and it’s particularly useful for teams already operating within the Microsoft ecosystem (including many of us).

Some noteworthy features of Teams? Remote collaboration is greatly facilitated by the ability to coauthor files in real-time with colleagues. Additionally, you can quickly switch from a chat message to a meeting and share files with just a few clicks. Additionally, you can incorporate additional tools into your Teams experience, including Hive, Adobe CC, Sharepoint, InVision, and many more.

3. Dropbox

Want to share large files with the team and clients while working remotely? Since emails only allow file sharing of a certain size, doing so over emails may feel cumbersome.

Dropbox positions itself as the current fix for these issues. It is a platform for storing files in the cloud that also functions as a project management tool. Dropbox enables team members to easily store large files, documents, images, and videos and share them with others. It comes equipped with data security to prevent system crashes.

4. Trello

Figuring out their time zone to maintain communication and productivity may seem like a difficult task if you’re a manager working with remote teams from all over the world. Every Time Zone is the ideal remote work tool in such a situation.

You can access all time zones in the world with the help of the well-known visual world clock from Every Time Zone. Working in different time zones makes it easier for you to coordinate with the team members efficiently. Additionally, you can assign and control employees’ working hours in various time zones.

5. Every Time Zone

Small teams or individuals looking to use a straightforward project management tool should consider Trello. The Kanban board-based tool is one of the most basic remote work tools available today. Kanban is a project management methodology developed in the 1940s by an industrial engineer. Trello is based on cards, which you can group into various phases on the board. For a more interactive experience, you can also color-code the cards, add pictures or files, and ask your team to work with you on a board.

6. Ever-note

The Evernote app is fantastic; it does everything you would expect a notepad app to do and more. In addition to written and audio notes, reminders, and attachments, you can also add handwritten notes, which is very handy when using a touchscreen device. In addition to taking pictures of documents, business cards, and the office whiteboard using this remote work tool, which is not a big deal by itself, you can also specify the type of the image, and Evernote will enhance the image in line with your selection.

Even though Evernote is awesome, Skitch is a game-changer for remote working teams. You can easily avoid misunderstandings by including arrows and circles in a screen share. It moves along much more quickly than explaining in detail which portion of an image you mean in an essay.

7. Shift

The browser for work is called Shift. It is the first application you launch and the last application you close. All of your app and email accounts are collected by Shift, which streamlines your work process. Select from more than 1500 apps, and add as many email addresses as you need to a single workspace. Shift is the right remote work tool for digital chaos, equipped with a variety of features to increase productivity and efficiency.

We don’t have enough time for productive work because we spend about 53% of our day switching between apps, sorting through emails, and looking for different documents. Shift is a desktop application made to assist you in regaining your focus and escaping the hectic workday.

8. Visme

Presentations, training materials, business plans, infographics, and other beautiful designs are becoming increasingly crucial and can complicate the already difficult lives of telecommuters. Visme is a B2B (Business to Business) design tool that enables even those without much creative ability to produce eye-catching and compelling designs.

Visme has you covered whether you need a sales presentation for a client or a cute little printable to-do list template for your home office. This remote work tool provides a searchable library with hundreds of neatly categorized templates.

9. Slack

Slack offers a simple chat/channel communication tool with an intuitive interface that can keep everyone in touch. Other products like G Suite, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more can be integrated with it. By sending birthday reminders and team reports, entertaining Slack bots raise spirits.

Without this remote work tool, it is difficult to imagine how a remote team would communicate. Even its slogan, “Where work happens,” reflects how essential it is to project management. Slack is available on both the web and mobile platforms, enabling users to collaborate and coordinate remotely. Many remote software development teams find it a great communication option due to its reasonable price and useful features.

10. ProofHub

ProofHub is an excellent team collaboration tool loved by teams and companies worldwide. Your project management, teamwork, and communication efforts are all brought together by the tool. With its robust features, ProofHub can assist you in communicating, collaborating on files, sharing real-time feedback, and maintaining organization in your work and personal lives. Additionally, ProofHub is of those remote work tools that integrate with other widely-used programs, allowing you to access everything from a single location.

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