Top 10 Interview Red Flags to Look for in Potential Candidates

October 14, 2023
Top 10 Interview Red Flags to Look for in Potential Candidates

Hiring managers and recruiters hunt for the perfect fit, a candidate who knows what to do and can fit into the culture naturally. Resumes serve as a precursor to the interview, helping recruiters understand the candidates’ skills and expertise. However, it can never tell whether the candidate is a fit.

Thus, interviews are a must. Unlike tests and assessments, not all interviews test skills. The majority assesses the character to decide whether the candidate will be able to fit into the culture or not.

Luckily, there is a way to separate the wheat from the chaff. Look for Interview Red Flags. These verbal and non-verbal signs show non-seriousness, lack of commitment, and things a resume hide.

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Top 10 Interview Red Flags to Know

Interview red flags don’t solely dictate the candidates’ compatibility but help make the final decision. Here are the 10 biggest red flags every interviewer must know before they sit in person or virtually to conduct an interview.

1. Shady Work History

The first interview red flag is shady work history. Often, candidates come with resumes highlighting incredible roles and responsibilities, however, there is no record of their employment, as either the employer is untraceable or there seems to be a massive gap in what their resumes say and what they do. So, watch out for candidates whose work history looks phenomenal but doesn’t add up.

2. Perfection Overdose

Nobody is perfect, yet some candidates try to act as such. Truthfully, a candidate who tries to be all perfect, never admits to any shortcomings or failures, and brags about their achievements without pause is anything but. In contrast, the good ones know and accept their imperfection, show their willingness to learn and grow better, and are modest, not perfect.

3. Boredom

Some candidates cite boredom as the primary reason for the switch, and though it is understandable in some cases, it is not always acceptable. Study their previous role and see how similar it is to yours. If it is nearly the same, then it is safe to say that boredom can strike twice, and betting on such a fellow is not the safest bet.

4. Poor Eye Contact

Good eye contact indicates confidence and poor hints of duplicity. Yes, it is not right to expect everyone to ace the eye battle and maintain good eye contact throughout the interview, but it is best to watch out for those who avoid it entirely, as it’s often a clear giveaway of dishonesty and a clear interview red flag.

5. Inadequate Research

Skills and experience aren’t enough. Commitment matters. A candidate who fails to do the basic research about the company and role is either unserious or has serious commitment issues. So, don’t tolerate a lack of research, as it is acceptable to expect the candidate to show up prepared, given it’s a must.

6. Excessive Rambling

It is not a sin to ramble, yet those who do so excessively and in response to every vital question are unfit for the role, as rambling implies nothing but a lack of knowledge. Despite this, some candidates think they can ramble out of tough conversations, but it murders their strong suits entirely. A much better policy is honesty!!!

7. Shows Up Late

Punctuality is the cornerstone of discipline and tells a lot about your candidate. And though it is unfair to accept perfect punctuality from everyone all the time, it makes sense to expect some, especially in virtual interviews. There are possible reasons why a candidate could fail to show up on time for an in-person interview, but there are hardly any for virtual ones.

8. Bad-Mouthing Last Employer

It is okay to have some grudges and remorse with employers, as not all are perfect, and some are even awful. However, it is never right for a candidate to bad-mouth their past employer, as it conveys more about their outlook than their employer’s. A candidate who struggles to see the positives isn’t a perfect fit for your role, as the odds are they would unload their dirty laundry elsewhere in the future if you chose to hire them.

9. Poor Listener

A candidate who cannot listen carefully will struggle to follow instructions and act right. Thus, poor listening is a clear interview red flag, and it is best to keep an eye out for such if you plan to land the best candidate.

10. A Job Hopper

Every recruiter must be wary of job hoppers or candidates whose work history shows they struggle to settle in and switch jobs frequently. Now, some hop jobs to get better compensation and benefits, however, hopping jobs is a telltale sign that the candidate isn’t reliable.

The Final Word

Interview red flags help you decide and recruit the best and save yourself from costly recruitment mistakes. That said, these flags must be seen as warning signs and not be used exclusively to make the final judgment, as there is a reasonable reason for every kind, so be wary but reasonable to recruit right.

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