Top 10 Tech Companies That Are Hiring: Explore Opportunities

February 20, 2024
Top 10 Tech Companies That Are Hiring Explore Opportunities

All businesses, regardless of their industry, depend heavily on technology. While some businesses provide their clients with cutting-edge services, others require IT skills to build and grow vital infrastructure.

Indeed’s economist Nick Bunker noted in the company’s September 2023 Jobs Report that “the US labor market clearly still has some gas in the tank.” It has actually been growing at a rate that is more than twice as fast as the population has grown over the last few months, which is encouraging for job seekers—even those who may have recently lost their jobs.

Below are some of the tech companies that are hiring currently.

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Tech Companies that are Hiring in 2024

Searching for the top software companies that are hiring right now? Start your hunt for a job with these well-known IT companies.

1. Xperti

Xperti is one of the popular tech companies hiring IT experts. It is an online community of verified technology experts created to help project leaders perfect their organization’s strategic technology initiatives. For the past 20 years, Xperti, an Arthur Lawrence firm, has been a player in the talent acquisition market. Xperti has revolutionized remote recruiting by providing a worldwide network of tech hiring specialists and 5000 top 1% tech talent through its online community. It provides vetted resources to businesses all over the world.

2. Deloitte

Deloitte is among the well-known tech companies that are hiring. It is transforming the business and technological environment in a variety of fields, including tax, audit, accounting, consulting, real estate, technology, law, and cyber. They are hiring tech specialists for a variety of positions in several locations. You can find some of the opportunities on their official website or other job portals. A variety of digital jobs in fields including analytics, cyber risk, software engineering, UX design, and more are available at Deloitte.


One of the biggest tech companies that are hiring, Cisco, is based in San Jose, right in the middle of Silicon Valley. For organizations, CISCO provides networking, cloud, and security solutions. Employees at Cisco agree that it’s one of the greatest IT businesses to work for! According to Fortune Magazine and “Great Places to Work,” it is the greatest place to work in the entire globe. Reviews from employees form the basis of the list.

Benefits from working with CISCO may include paid time off for volunteering, health and fitness facilities, yearly bonuses, stock purchase programs, and tuition reimbursement. The business participates in several CSR efforts, such as environmental projects, cooperation with organizations, and financial gifts to charities.

4. Google

Google, along with its parent firm Alphabet, is among the biggest and most well-known tech companies that are hiring. Working at Google might involve developing brand-new goods, improving already-existing ones, or testing out cutting-edge technology that could or might not make it to market. In addition to its well-known search engine, Google concentrates on consumer electronics, e-commerce, cloud computing, and other areas.

Google is among the greatest IT businesses to work for if you prefer an office setting and appreciate the corporate culture and benefits like free meals and on-site wellness centers. In addition, it provides a plethora of other advantages, including student loan repayment. Additionally, compared to other IT organizations, its compensation is substantial. The business has implemented several environmental initiatives and has been carbon neutral since 2007.

5. Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman addresses the constantly changing demands of its global clientele by finding solutions to the most difficult issues in cyberspace, aerospace, military, and space. Every day, their 90,000 workers use science, technology, and engineering to redefine possible via the creation and provision of cutting-edge systems, goods, and services.

6. Adobe

Creative software products like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator are Adobe’s areas of expertise. Its headquarters are in San Jose, where it was established in 1982.  It is among the top tech companies that are hiring. People are always keen to work here because of the variety of benefits it provides, such as flexible work schedules, parental leave, tuition reimbursement, adoption and fertility expenses, wellness reimbursements, wellness purchase plans, short- and long-term disability insurance, and subscriptions to personal health coach and meditation services.

Both the Forbes List of Greatest Employers for Diversity and the List of the Greatest Workplaces in the World include Adobe. It is also among the IT businesses with the highest salaries.  Additionally, Adobe is included in a number of sustainability indexes, such as the NASDAQ Global Sustainability Index and the S&P 500 Environmental and Socially Responsible Index. It has also received recognition from a number of other social justice groups; it was named one of America’s Most Just Companies, for instance.

7. Apple

Apple, one of the leading tech companies that are hiring, produces well-known laptops, smartphones, wearable technology, and other consumer goods. You will be employed by one of the tech industry’s highest-paying corporations if you work for Apple. Numerous advantages are available, including discounted Apple shares, paid family leave, on-site wellness clinics, stock awards, and donor matching. Apple has a number of sustainability initiatives and has been carbon neutral since 2020.

8. SAP

German-based SAP is a multinational corporation with operations in more than 130 nations. It creates software solutions for businesses. There are plenty of opportunities for creativity and invention at SAP because part of its business involves creating innovative solutions for its clients.
In the computer industry, this is among the top tech companies that are hiring, paying some of the highest wages. Additionally, it provides a full range of benefits, including programs for mental and physical well-being, yearly bonuses, leave for fathers and mothers, help with pregnancy, fertility, and adoption, and employee equity initiatives. It also offers a broad range of CSR initiatives that are centered on sustainability, skill development, and social business assistance.

9. Simon Data

The success of Simon Data’s business begins and ends with its employees. They are a values-driven organization that thinks that learning and development, listening to peers, accepting responsibility for one’s achievement, and a dedication to growing strategically are the keys to progress. Simon Data enable their employees to succeed without compromising the aspects of their lives that are genuinely meaningful by offering a flexible work environment that meets their demands. They genuinely think that amazing things will occur if they create an atmosphere where pleasant high performers who are dedicated to their success are all around them.

10. Microsoft

Worldwide, people and businesses utilize Microsoft’s software products, which include Windows, Microsoft Office, and Internet Explorer. Microsoft offers some of the highest compensation for IT professionals and is regarded as one of the best tech companies that are hiring with unparalleled perks.

A number of benefits are offered, such as compensation for wellness costs, on-site health clinics, adoption support, parenting classes, flexible work schedules, tuition assistance, financial education, financial programs, and reimbursement for family and caregiver leave. Among its sustainability initiatives are carbon offsets, environmentally friendly computer science, and product discounts and grants for charity organizations.

Wrap Up

At Xperti, we partner with a lot of great businesses that are looking for specific and skilled employees for their teams. We take responsibility for the entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing to onboarding.

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