The Top Java Spring Boot Interview Questions With Answers For Java Programmers In 2024

July 21, 2022
java spring boot interview questions

What is Java?

As one of the top tools for creating websites and miscellaneous high-level, object-oriented programming software, Java is currently one of the most well-known programming languages today. Despite the emergence of competitors like C++ created by Bjarne Stroustrup and Python by Guido Van Rossum, Java has remained popular.

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What is Java Spring Boot?

Java Spring Boot is a Java-based programming framework that allows users to easily create network-based applications and stand-alone production software that does not need further development and can be run as soon as it is created. Compared to conventional Java programming tricks, Java Spring boot is easy, quick, and becoming very popular.

According to LinkedIn, there are almost 20,000+ Java Spring Boot jobs available in the United States alone! Hence, it is necessary to know how to tackle Spring Boot Java interview questions so that you can follow your dreams of working as a software developer and land the best possible job!

Top 15 Java Spring Boot Interview Questions

The following is a list of 15 of the most frequently-asked Java Spring Boot interview questions as per Edureka.

1. What are the benefits of using Java Spring Boot?

This is one of the top Spring Boot Java interview questions. Spring Boot helps to:

  • Get a quick start on your program development since existing code templates and stacks are available for you to use for any purpose.
  • Create stand-alone projects with many features that allow industrial-scale production.
  • Simplify configurations and run simulations on your code to help detect syntax or other programming errors.
  • Test your program in the development and production phases using the many Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) available.

2. How can a developer create a Spring Boot application using Maven?

As a potential job candidate, it is vital to know the various angles interviewers can attack you from and prepare to answer the many Java Spring Boot interview questions. Although there are several ways to create Java Spring boot applications using Maven, the top 4 methods use:

    • Spring Initializr
    • Spring Maven Project
    • Spring Starter Project Wizard
    • Spring Boot CLI

3. Explain the fundamental differences between Java Spring Boot and Spring.

Java Spring is a Java-based framework that allows the easy creation of websites and other network-based applications. It provides libraries and tools to create custom web pages and is a bit complicated, especially for beginners.

Spring Boot, on the other hand, is a more specific module of Java Spring. It helps create applications that have to execute commands and is easy to use. Java Spring is versatile in its implementation, while Spring Boot only runs a certain way, making it ‘opinionated’.

4. What activity occurs in the background if a Spring Boot app is run as a Java application?

This is a tricky Spring Boot Java interview question that tends to trap candidates. However, the answer is simple. When a Spring Boot app runs as a Java application, it simultaneously starts-up the Java Server (Apache Tomcat) in the background to execute your code.

5. What is Spring Boot dependency management?

The Spring Boot dependency management is a tool that automatically manages your configuration and dependencies (nested or stacked code blocks that depend on previous or subsequent code to run correctly), without you having to specify the model.

6. What are the basic conditions for having a Spring Boot system?

This is another popular Java Spring Boot interview question. The minimum requirements of running a Spring Boot system are:

  • Spring Boot 5.1.9+
  • Java 8+

Build supporting requirements:

Server assist:

7. Explain Spring Data

Spring Data enables easy data access while storing all the valuable user data.

8. How can one input a custom endpoint in Spring Boot Actuator?

In answer to this Spring Boot Java interview question, you can create a custom endpoint using the @Endpoint declaration. Spring Boot further allows endpoint creation through @WebEndpointor and @WebEndpointExtension.

9. How can a Spring Boot application be deployed to a different server?

This dreaded entry in a Java Spring Boot interview questions list may compel you to tear out your hair in frustration. However, it is not that difficult to answer or demonstrate. Simply:

  • Create a WAR file (Web Application Resource) of your code.
  • Deploy the same file to a different server of your choice (the method of deploying the file depends on what server you are using).

10. Can you create an application in Spring Boot that is not web-based?

Coding works under a specific class or ‘header’ that varies from language to language. As far as Java Spring Boot goes, you can remove all web dependencies from the classpath, change the context of the code, and enter your code. This will lead to a non-Web application code block.

11. How can you connect an external database like MySQL or Oracle?

Narrate the following steps to sound like a pro when answering Java Spring Boot interview questions related to external database connections:

  • Begin by installing the dependency for MySQL Connector to pom.xml.
  • After this, eliminate the H2 dependency from pom.xml.
  • Set up the MySQL database and initialise your connection accordingly.
  • Restart the project to activate.

12. How is WAR different from embedded containers?

Embedded containers are only one aspect of Spring Boot, while WAR takes a considerable number of its features from it. However, both are widely used features in Java Spring Boot.

13. What is the default H2 database by Spring Boot called?

The Spring Boot default H2 database is called ‘testdb’.

14. What is Spring Boot CLI?

Spring Boot CLI is a useful tool that allows you to get a head start on your project by generating code with Java-like syntax. This question is one of the most repeated entries in the Java Spring Boot interview questions list.

15. What is Spring Boot Actuator? What are its advantages?

The Spring Boot Actuator is a feature that allows the user to see what happens inside a Spring Boot application once it is running. Programmers continually inspect the intricacies embedded in large chunks of code, especially when creating production-level applications.

In the case of syntax, logic, or fatal errors, it can be very hard to pinpoint the exact location of trouble. The Spring Actuator is very useful because it debugs code and helps you identify all the areas that need fixing. It also obtains information from the web to further help you ensure your code is correct.


With the proliferation of information technology and the rising demand for electronics, programmers are in high demand. Due to its web-based nature, Java Spring Boot remains relevant, while jobs are widely available. Active job seekers must know the frequently-asked Java Spring Boot interview questions so they are better prepared and have a higher chance of getting the job they want.

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