Hire Cloud Engineers: A Comprehensive Guide

November 10, 2023
Hire Cloud Engineers A Comprehensive Guide

Cloud computing is a significant component of business operations in the digital environment. The demand for specialized cloud engineers has increased as cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud advance.

The task of cloud engineers is to create, execute, and oversee cloud infrastructure, which usually consists of virtual servers, storage units, networks, and other important services. A proficient cloud engineer enhances these systems’ security, performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Recruiting highly skilled cloud engineers remains difficult as the competition for such specialists is fierce. Additionally, it is rare for candidates to possess both the necessary technical expertise and interpersonal skills to excel in this field.

Today’s post outlines the step-by-step process to hire cloud engineers for your organization. Following these steps can simplify your recruitment process. With a proficient cloud engineer in place, you can smoothly transition vital workloads to the cloud, reduce expenses, guarantee strong security measures, and benefit from all the advantages of cloud computing.

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Steps to Hire Cloud Engineers

When hiring a cloud engineer, the first step is clearly defining the responsibilities and required skillset for the role at your company. What will this person’s day-to-day duties entail? Which cloud platforms and services will they focus on most? What technical and soft skills are mandatory? Getting specific on these needs will allow you to assess candidates’ fit efficiently during the hiring process. For example, the cloud engineer might manage migrating workloads to AWS, automate infrastructure with Terraform, monitor costs in CloudWatch, and collaborate closely with developers for deployment. Required skills include deep AWS knowledge, Linux administration, Python scripting, and communication abilities.

A clear understanding of the role will prove invaluable as you source, interview, and evaluate cloud engineering candidates.

Find Potential Candidates

You must use a variety of sourcing channels to hire cloud engineers, as these channels play a crucial role in connecting with qualified candidates.

One strategy for hiring cloud engineers is using niche job boards like CloudGigs, PowerToFly, and HashiCorp.

Additionally, tapping into your professional network and employee referrals can help you reach passive candidates. You can ask current employees to share network openings or offer referral bonuses to incentivize referrals.

Engaging with the developer community on forums/Slack groups such as Reddit’s r/DevOps or Discord servers can also be beneficial.

Sponsoring or participating in local tech Meetups and attending or speaking at cloud conferences and events are also great ways to find potential candidates.

Another option is to consider recruiting agencies specializing in cloud placements; vet them thoroughly and ensure they understand your required skills, culture, and hiring process.

Searching GitHub and other code repositories for active cloud engineers is another effective technique, allowing you to see work samples publicly.

Lastly, attending college career fairs for graduates with relevant majors like computer science, engineering, and IT degrees can be helpful, too. Developing an internship program for conversions also helps build a strong talent pool for future hiring.

Casting a wide net across diverse channels using these strategies increases your chances of connecting with passive candidates who are not actively looking for jobs but may be interested in joining your company if the opportunity arises.

The Interview Process to Hire a Cloud Engineer

Ensuring you make the right hire involves comprehensively evaluating candidates’ abilities and suitability. The following assessment methods help to hire cloud engineers:

  • Initial phone/video screening for basic qualifications: Phone or video screening is done to determine basic eligibility for the job, which lasts around 20-30 minutes and confirms skills and experience. In addition to technical background, communication abilities are also assessed.
  • Technical Assessment: Hands-on technical evaluation is done by assigning a small project similar to day-to-day work, such as optimizing costs for a sample environment. Code samples, architecture diagrams, and live debugging sessions are also included in the process.
  • In-person Interview: The in-person interview involves assessing experience, technical knowledge, and soft skills with team members with whom the candidate would closely work. This includes a mix of technical questions and situational scenarios, allowing candidates to evaluate whether they fit into the team/company culture.

Final decision-making involves collecting feedback from all the interviewers using a rubric based on required skills and thorough reference checks. If the candidate is highly sought after, be prepared for negotiation during the making process. It’s advisable to include an experienced cloud engineer from your team to assess their technical abilities accurately.

The interview process aims to hire cloud engineers to assess the candidate’s hard and soft skills using activities, discussions, and situations that resemble real work requirements. This guarantees that the applicant possesses the necessary competencies and is suitable for the position and your company.

Offer and Onboarding

It is crucial to present an attractive offer and set up the new hire for success to entice the best employees in a fiercely competitive industry.

When determining the salary for a position, it’s important to conduct market research on comparable roles. If needed, be open to negotiating within reason. Emphasize opportunities for career growth and education. Offer competitive benefits such as remote work options, health insurance, and retirement plans.

As for onboarding, begin the paperwork and legal procedures as soon as possible. Send suggested training materials beforehand. Create a plan for gradual progress and set goals for the first three months.

Schedule shadow sessions with colleagues. Appoint a mentor to offer support and constructive criticism. Check in frequently on progress and obstacles encountered. Encourage participation in team events and meetings. Invest in ongoing training to maintain certification. The initial few months are vital for establishing positive momentum. Provide generous assistance while also promoting skill development and autonomy. Precise objectives and reliable feedback will lay the groundwork for a successful addition to your cloud engineering team.


It is important for businesses adopting cloud computing to hire cloud engineers; however, it can be difficult to identify suitable candidates. Clearly define the job responsibilities according to your company requirements and prioritize crucial skills. Explore different sourcing techniques to identify suitable candidates, including those actively looking for a job and those not. Evaluate technical knowledge and interpersonal abilities by conducting interviews and assessments.

Hiring a skilled cloud engineer will enable you to relocate important workloads, reduce expenses, enhance dependability and safety, and unleash the full capabilities of cloud technology. This is a technical role that demands expertise in relevant domains and cooperation.

Investing time and effort in the hiring process yields significant results if you can find and keep the ideal candidate. A skilled cloud engineer can transform your infrastructure from a mere cost center into a valuable strategic asset. Organizations prioritizing acquiring top-notch cloud talent enjoy enhanced agility, scalability, and decreased expenses.

If you need help finding, screening, or hiring cloud engineering talent, consider leveraging the experts at Xperti – their specialized recruiting services can save you time and connect you with top-tier candidates. Contact today!

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