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October 17, 2023
How to Hire a Cybersecurity Engineer In 2023

Cybercrime is growing at an alarming pace every year, costing businesses billions annually – no wonder demand to hire cybersecurity engineer has soared in the last decade. The industry struggles to keep pace with the rising number of job opportunities. Every small, medium, and large business is taking steps to counter and resolve cybersecurity issues. Consequently, it created the need for approximately 2 million cybersecurity professionals worldwide.

Why Hire A Cybersecurity Engineer?

A cybersecurity expert protects your business from cyberattacks and prevents data loss, financial damage, and loss of trust from customers. A study by Norton suggests that over 75% of users are concerned about their data privacy, and 63% are worried that their identity will be stolen online.

Multiple reasons urge companies to hire cybersecurity engineers. Cyberthreats are constantly evolving with the advancement of technology and the advent of Artificial Intelligence. Hiring a cybersecurity developer dedicated to protecting your company data and countering cyber-attacks has become necessary.

Dont Wait for A Month-Long Hiring Process

1. Access to Top Cybersecurity Technologies

Cybersecurity experts have the latest and most effective security tools and techniques. These tools enable them to protect your business from cyber threats, data theft, and hacking. Meanwhile, cybersecurity experts are maintaining the security of your business data; you can focus on the core operations that require your foremost attention.

2. Protection from Data Breaches

A cyber-attack can cause a business to lose valuable data, customers, and money. Cybersecurity engineers help protect your valuable data from being accessed by unauthorized users. Moreover, they help you create contingency plans in case of a data breach.

3. Prevention of Cyberattacks

Cybersecurity experts have the training, tools, and hands-on experience to protect your system from hackers. The ideal way to protect your system from cyberattacks is to have a robust security system in place, including firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection systems.

4. Recovery from A Cybersecurity Breach

A cybersecurity engineer works with you to assess the damage in case of any breach and help you restore your system and recover data. They ensure you get your business back up and running swiftly in no time without worrying about damage or data loss.

How to Hire A Cybersecurity Engineer?

Hiring cybersecurity engineers is just like other tech hiring processes. It requires you to decide your goals and budget. You have to source and vet candidates that best fit your business needs. We have shared a few steps that may help you improve your chances of finding the right cybersecurity engineers.

1. Ascertain Your Cybersecurity Needs

The first step in hiring a cybersecurity engineer is to define your needs and what you are looking for in an ideal candidate. You must consider the cybersecurity threats your business may face and the technical skills required to counter and protect sensitive data.

2. Decide on A Budget

The next step is to decide the salary bracket your business is willing to offer to the ideal candidate. You have to keep the salary package market competitive while keeping the incentives in mind.

3. Source Cybersecurity Engineers

Once you have defined your needs and decided on a budget, you’re all set to begin the search for a cybersecurity expert. Firstly, you need to develop a job description. The JD must include the following:

  • The job details and requirements
  • Must have skills and experience
  • Information on your business and company culture
  • Information on remuneration

Several platforms may help find and vet cybersecurity engineers for you, such as freelance marketplaces, tech recruitment agencies, and job portals.

4. Vet Cybersecurity Skills

After sourcing potential candidates for the cybersecurity need, it’s time to put them to the test to see who comes out on top.

  • Technical skills: Does the candidate have the required skills for the job opening? Cybersecurity on a resume means little if candidates cannot demonstrate their skills.
  • Soft skills: These interpersonal and communication skills enable cyber operators to work effectively with others, adapt to changing situations, and solve problems creatively.
  • Portfolio: Skim through the candidates’ portfolios while making your decision. The past projects might give you an insight into the experience they’ve got.

5. Hire and Train Your Chosen Candidate

Once you have selected the perfect fit for the position, onboard your cybersecurity expert to the project. Onboarding depends on the type of job you’ve hired the candidate for. For instance, a remote candidate requires a different onboarding than an in-house candidate.

It’s your responsibility to provide clear information on what’s needed. It includes the objectives, security needs, and deliverables. It also involves onboarding them to any internal tools or processes to perform their routine tasks.

How to Find Cybersecurity Engineers?

You may have many questions when you are on the hunt for cybersecurity candidates. Where to find cybersecurity engineers? How to interview cybersecurity engineers for soft skills? How to do onboarding of cybersecurity engineers? We have answered these for you.

Employers must follow a process when looking for cybersecurity engineers, including screening, telephonic interviews, assessments, one-on-one interviews, reference cross-checks, and onboarding. Recruitment managers can explore various services and platforms while looking to hire dedicated cybersecurity engineers. Here are some popular platforms to find cybersecurity experts:

1. Freelance Marketplace

You can visit freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr to find the ideal candidate. Freelancers list the services they offer to prospects.

2. Traditional Hiring Avenues

This method of hiring cybersecurity engineers requires uploading your job description to various job marketplaces, such as LinkedIn and Indeed. Then, you wait for candidates to approach you.  However, a single job posting receives thousands of applications. Skimming through all these unvetted applications to find ideal candidates can be challenging for hiring managers.

3. Outsourcing Tech Recruitment

Another option is outsourcing the hiring process to tech recruitment agencies and platforms. These agencies take care of the hiring process for you. They ensure you find your ideal candidate as they connect you with the shortlisted top talent. These agencies provide pre-vetted candidates with expert-level skills.


Xperti is one such platform that helps you avoid hiring challenges. Xperti’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) leverages artificial intelligence to match companies and candidates and facilitates the management of remote teams by providing business-critical insights. With Xperti, you can:

  • Hire highly qualified cybersecurity engineer for full-time or part-time remote work
  • Hire experienced cybersecurity experts for short-term or long-term projects
  • Hire cybersecurity developers proficient in various development languages, tools, and frameworks

All candidates are vetted with problem-solving tests, domain tests, and interviews to ensure that only the top 1% of applicants are offered to businesses. When you reach out, a team member gets in touch to discuss your requirements in detail, and then you’re matched with top candidates in 72 hours.


Q1. How long does it take to hire a cybersecurity engineer?

It usually takes 3-6 weeks to hire a cybersecurity engineer, from creating and publishing the job description to interviewing candidates and finding your ideal fit. With Xperti, you can hire your ideal candidate in just 4 days.

Q2. How to outsource cybersecurity tasks?

Outsourcing cybersecurity involves handing your cybersecurity tasks to another team that deals with security threats. To outsource, you need a cybersecurity company to handle your security needs. You can also find cybersecurity experts on Xperti to outsource your tasks.

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