10 Best Java Books For Advanced Programmers

May 05, 2022
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All experienced java developers start looking to brush up on their Java skills from time to time, after all, it is such a dynamic career path that you need to keep learning to stay updated with new and upcoming java features. Java is the most widely used programming language so it is great to invest some time to improve your Java skill set.

Believe it or not, new Java books are an excellent resource to learn Java because they are written by experts in the field who are quite credible in the field. Java books are also way more detailed and offer more in-depth knowledge than free and online material.

In this article, we will be discussing the 10 best Java books that you must have. These Java books cover a variety of programming areas, like core Java fundamentals, Java frameworks, design patterns, etc. The availability of all these books has also been considered as all of these books are easily available in digital as well as a physical copy in online markets to be purchased from anywhere in the world.

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Here are the 10 Java books you must start reading:

1. Java Concurrency in Practice

Authors – Brian Goetz with Tim Peierls, Joshua Bloch, Joseph Bowbeer, David Holmes, and Doug Lea

It is one of the finest Java books to develop a firm understanding of concurrency and multithreading in Java. There have been doubts about its relevance now but this book has always been ahead of its time. When it was first published in 2006, the Java developers were still not sure about new concurrency changes that were made in Java 1.5

It is still considered one of the most highly recommended books for new Java or intermediate developers who want to master concurrency concepts. The best part of this book is that it introduces clear concepts and fundamentals of concurrent programmings, such as visibility, ordering, thread-safety, immutability, parallelism, etc.

The only problem with the Java Concurrency in practice is that certain sections of this Java book might seem challenging and difficult to comprehend at first. However, these topics are quite complex in themselves. But if you are aiming to learn concurrency and multithreading in Java, it is among the best Java books to learn from and you will realize later that solving all the difficult tasks and exercises present in this book is worth the effort.

2. Java Performance Companion

Author – Charlie Hunt and Monica Beckwith

Every Java developer first learns how to write a code, then a code that performs well, and then finally an efficient code.

This makes Java books like Java Performance Companion, a gold mine for advanced Java developers because they are at such a stage where they now need to develop a program that can perform efficiently as well. Java Performance Companion offers a complete set of Garbage collection, JVM, and other important Java performance tools. It also covers the G1 garbage collector detail very extensively.

3. Test-Driven: TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers

Author – Lasse Koskela

Testing is another vast field for Java developers. Test-Driven is among excellent Java books to learn to develop unique automation testing programs. It should be a compulsory book to read for all those Java developers who prioritize code quality as well as aiming to excel in writing unit, integration, and automation tests.

Unlike many other Java books, the Test-Driven: TDD and Acceptance TDD for Java Developers offers hands-on examples of various test drive Java code. Further, the book also covers the acceptance of test-driven development, the Fit framework, and testing Java EE components such as Servlets, JSPs, and Spring Controllers.

4. Java Performance: The Definite Guide

Author – Scott Oaks

Java performance is another best option among several best java books if you want to learn about Garbage collection, JVM, and other performance tuning aspects of the Java programming language. It covers all three of these Java topics in a very simple yet effective way. It is a great guide to understand the various methods to maximizing Java threading and synchronization performance features, improve your Java-driven database application performance, and how to tackle performance issues in Java EE and Java SE APIs.

5. Effective Java

Author – Joshua Bloch

Effective Java is the most distinctive Java book of them all. It is a must-have book for any Java programmer whether an experienced or a beginner who needs a perspective shift towards programming and is having problems in comprehending the problems. It is one such Java book that can correct your perspective regarding handling and solving the problems in Java.

Unlike any other Java Books, it is a great resource for numerous practical guides with some concrete and stepwise explanations to solve the most common problems. It has the power to enable the developers to start approaching a problem with a different yet effective approach.

6. Head First Design Patterns

Author – Eric Freeman

Design patterns is another great Java tool and a valuable skill for a Java developer. This book is a headfirst dive into the subject of design patterns as it extensively covers how to solve many common Java problems by applying design patterns. What are the benefits they provide in Java and many helpful tips related to design patterns?

This Java book is an excellent option to learn more about core Java design patterns and improve your concepts of object-oriented design principles as well.

7. Spring in Action

Author – Craig Walls and Ryan Breidenbach

Java frameworks have elevated Java features to another level. When it comes to learning about Java frameworks like Spring. Spring in Action is by far the most popular Java book about the Java framework in the present programming landscape. It can be a bit challenging to comprehend if you are new to Java, thus it is an excellent resource for advanced Java developers to grow and develop their skills.

8. Clean Code

Author – Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob)

As the title suggests, this classic Java book presents some better ways to compose Java code. It caters to all the Java developers having advanced Java knowledge.

The book is divided into three sections to effectively cover all of them. Part 1 Is all about the usage patterns, practices, and principles of writing a clean code. Part 2 focuses more on several case studies with increasing complexity, along with some code cleanup exercises. The Last section provides numerous rules and algorithms that can be used to solve the case studies in the previous section.

This book can help a Java developer to build his knowledge base about how to write efficient and clean code for the Java programming language.

9. Thinking in Java

Author – Bruce Eckel

This other excellent Java book targets the Intermediate to advanced level Java programmers who want to further explore Object Orientated Programming with Java. The Java concept has been taught in such a unique Head-First teaching style in this book that you can use it as an outstanding reference at any stage of your programming career. It is not for the beginners, aiming the advanced Java developers aiming to improve their Java skills as it is also considered as one of the most complete Java books to learn from.

10. Microservices Patterns: With examples in Java

Author – Chris Richardson

Microservices have become an important tool to learn for experienced Java developers in current times. The rapid growth of Cloud Computing has made Microservice Architecture a mandatory skill for advanced Java programmers and software architects. If you are developing Microservice in Java then this is a must-read book for you. It provides a total of 44 design patterns that can be used for building and deploying microservices applications to be used in Java applications. This book consists of all the tried and tested problems and can be a great resource for you to solve any issues you may be facing while building your Microservices.


This sums up the 10 best Java books for advanced programmers. All these books cover some unique topics, from microservices to performance and design patterns. You can start exploring with one of them and later on keep growing as a Java expert.

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