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Large Language Models and Job

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Jobs of Tomorrow: Large Language Models and Job

As advances in generative artificial intelligence (AI) continue at an unprecedented pace, large language models (LLMs) are emerging as transformative tools with the potential to redefine the job landscape. The

recent advancements in these tools, like GitHub’s Copilot, Midjourney and ChatGPT, are expected to cause significant shifts in global economies and labour markets. These technological advancements coincide with a period of considerable labour market upheaval from economic, geopolitical,

green transition and technological forces.


This white paper provides a structured analysis of the potential direct, near-term impacts of LLMs on

jobs. With 62% of total work time involving language- based tasks, the widespread adoption of LLMs,

such as ChatGPT, could significantly impact a broad spectrum of job roles. To assess the impact of LLMs on jobs, this paper provides an analysis of over 19,000 individual tasks across 867 occupations, assessing the potential exposure of each task to LLM adoption, classifying them as tasks that have high potential for automation, high potential for augmentation, low potential for either or are unaffected (non-language tasks). The paper also provides an overview of new roles that are emerging due to the adoption of LLMs.

Key takeaways from the whitepaper


How will large language models impact the jobs of tomorrow?

LLMs and the growth and decline of jobs and tasks

Ensuring that large language models work for workers


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