10 React Native Component Libraries You Should Know In 2023

March 22, 2023
10 React Native Component Libraries You Should Know in 2023

React Native entails many inbuilt UI components and libraries to help accelerate mobile app development. Packed with modern GUI elements, React Native libraries helps developers achieve a high level of automaticity without turning to third-party component libraries.react dev jobs

In this article, we explore the ten best React libraries available at your disposal to make native app development a breeze.

10 React Native Libraries to Know in 2023

React Native Elements

React Native Elements tops the list, as it is the oldest, most popular, and highly customizable library. A cross-platform UI toolkit, it is commonly used to implement material design. Thanks to its generalized inbuilt components, it offers high customizability compared to opinionated design systems. In this, a developer can use either custom props, React Native Core API ones, or a mix of two to achieve the desired results. More so, its end product is highly universal and apt for both iOS and Android.

React Native Paper

Based on Google’s Material Design, React Native Paper comes next. Developed by CallStack, it is a cross-platform UI library packed with production-ready elements and highly customizable themes. Moreover, the library also supports React Native Web and plugins like Babel Plugin, used to reduce bundle size. The offered functionalities leave no doubt the official React Native partner designed it.

React Native UI Kitten

Third in the list of Best React Libraries fall React Native UI Kitten. Packed with 480 icons, the open-source library enables developers to customize and create matchless unique themes. More so, React Native UI Kitten also entails two extendable and modifiable default visual themes. Unlike most React Native Libraries, it offers developers to design components with a right-to-left writing style. The library has over 20 UI components and is the perfect choice for developing global apps.


Another UI library packed with 20 minimalistic pure design components to make React Native app development hassle-free, Teaset enables developers to direct their focus away from design and more toward app content. In this library, you will find multiple common and rare components, like Input, CheckBox, Badge, Stepper, DrawerView, and TabView.


Among the oldest React Native Libraries, NativeBase has remained ever so popular for a reason. It is free, open-source, and offers extra. Besides a super-long list of cross-platform UI elements, NativeBase offers elite support. Many components have predefined configurations to help developers build highly-functional and unique apps. In addition, the library also supports a wide range of paid and unpaid themes and has an excellent demo app called KitchenSink.

React Native Navigation

Want to add highly interactive navigation bars in iOS or Android apps? Turn to React Native Navigation components library. Easy to use, customizable, and performant, the library comes with comprehensive use case examples and documentation to help make app development hassle-free.

React Native Camera

There is no better React Native Library to create camera-supported apps for Android and iOS than React Native Camera. Through this, programmers can add features like text recognition, video/photo support, face detection, and barcode scanning to their mobile apps. This native library frees you from having to write native codes to integrate such features and enables programmers to take development speed up without compromising functionality. No wonder why React Native specialists turn to this library to power up their mobile apps with camera support.

React Native Material Kit

Among the most popular React Native Libraries, React Native Material Kit powers developers with the toolkit to develop fully supported, highly functional, and interactive mobile apps. The library entails over 200 free, open-source elements, like buttons, range sliders, navigation bars, text fields, cards, input, etc. Further, all components are easy to modify, add, and integrate into applications, making app development on React Native hassle-free.

React Native Vector Icons

Every programmer knows icons breathe life into mobile apps. Among the best React Libraries, React Native Vector Icons has over 3,000 vector icons to give apps a minimalistic-cum-modern feel. More so, each icon is easy to style, customize, and enlarge to ensure they blend in seamlessly and look natural. Coupled with React Native Animated Library, the library enables programmers to make their apps pop out with animated vector icons.

React Native Gifted Chat

Last but not least, React Native Gifted Chat powers your app with the much-needed chat feature to boost engagement and ensure maximum traffic converts. The library helps set up Chat UI on both mobile and web apps. Like others, it entails highly customizable components with features like load old messages, copy messages, etc.

The Final Word

React Native Libraries give developers all the right reasons to avoid third-party components toolkits and power their apps with action-packed features through free, open-source React Native libraries. Undoubtedly, some development and design goals are too intricate for native libraries. Still, the need to turn to third-party ones becomes far less when you know the right native apps.3

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