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AI/ML Developer

Our AI/ML developers design and implement artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to solve complex problems and automate processes. They create intelligent systems that can learn and improve over time.

AI Software Engineer

Build software systems that incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Our AI experts can design and develop intelligent applications that can learn and adapt to user behavior.

Data Engineer

Design and build data pipelines to extract, transform and load data from various sources into data warehouses while ensuring data quality and availability with unmatchable data engineering skills.

Data Scientist

Analyze complex data sets to identify patterns and trends and develop predictive models. Our Data Scientists are proficient in various programming languages, machine learning algorithms and statistical analysis, enabling them to extract insights and make data-driven decisions.

ML Ops Engineer

Develop and deploy machine learning models in production environments by top-notch ML Ops engineers, who use the best tools to manage model deployment and monitor model performance, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

GPT-4 Specialist

As experts in natural language processing and the GPT-4 language model, our GPT-4 specialists can develop intelligent chatbots and other natural language applications that can understand and respond meaningfully to human language.

Discover Our Diverse Range of
AI Specialists

Build Powerful GPT-4 Products

With Xperti, you can easily hire:

  • Highly qualified AI developers for full-time or part-time remote work
  • Experienced AI experts for short-term or long-term projects
  • Professionals proficient in various development languages, tools, and frameworks

Why Is Xperti the Best for Hiring
AI Development Teams?

Dedicated Talent Advocate

As an extension to your hiring team, our talent advocate will partner with you on a blended workforce model to hire the best-fit AI engineers.


Targeted Candidate Matching

The speed of innovation and competition calls for agile hiring. Xperti matches the right candidate suited to your needs in under 72 hours.


Team Collaboration

Our AI engineers are skilled team players prepared to work with your team. They are equipped with the abilities needed to advance your product through every stage of development.


Good Communication

Our expert AI developers work with you as closely as you'd like and provide status updates as needed.


Agile Methodology

Our agile teams manage tasks and modify their strategies in response to what they learn from testing the product in brief but effective bursts. This results in less stress, convenient supervision, and quicker iteration.


Notable Examples of Unique Value Delivered

  • Process Automation
  • Healthcare
  • Supply Management
  • Large language models
  • Personalization

Why Is Xperti the Best for Hiring AI Development Teams?

Hire AI Engineers

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