Nayyara Rahman


Some countries are ready to ease lockdowns. Others are introducing measures to encourage trade and commerce amidst the crisis. For them, the post-COVID era has, in some ways, already begun. It’s important for top talent in the industry to start preparing for a post-COVID scenario. Here, we explore if technology leaders are ready for the new normal. And if not, how they can adapt the changes that lie ahead. Expect More Automation Technology leaders have been at the forefront of shortening processes. And adding the element of automation across several industries. Coding is one of them. The abruptness of social distancing forced many other areas into the automation box. This wasn’t just an outcome of dealing with the crisis. It was an emergency response that’s here to stay. With fears surrounding contagion, technology leaders went into overdrive developing contactless processes. E-commerce experienced double-digit growth, increasing the appetite for supply chain…