February 2020


As we continue to build a community of top technology talent, one observation pops up again and again: The frustration of poor job fit hits employers and employees alike. For jobseekers, unsatisfactory jobs lead to stress, burnout, underperformance, and of course, attrition. It isn’t better on the other side. Hiring managers experience equal frustration—because in their case, it’s about more than an exchange of skills and rewards. A bad hire translates into project delays and can even cause project failure, not to mention the sunk cost of onboarding such a resource. But here’s a question: If hiring managers knew what bad hires look like, would they onboard them at all? What Exactly Is A “Bad Hire”? Are skills all that set apart good hires from the bad? Even for software developers, and other technology professionals, (for whom ‘hard skills’ count for a lot!) the answer is no. A jobseeker with…